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Written on Friday, February 2, 2018

Does this also happen to you? That you buy a product you don’t really need only because of the cute packaging? This was the very case with the limited edition Sephora Winter Wonderland 2017. Just look at the fox and stars! The package is super cute!

I didn’t have high hopes about the quality and usability of this eyeshadow palette, but I was wrong. The gorgeous design is not the only pro of this product I’m now obsessed with.

  • Full name: Sephora Collection Winter Magic Palette

  • Price: just $8 on the official website.

  • Country: China. Although Sephora is a French brand, their products are made in China and Korea or at least the products I’ve tried. Some of them are probably made in France, but not these eyeshadows.


  • Packaging

The fox and stars on the paper package are cut, so that you can see the palette through them. Here it is:

The surface looks grainy, which is probably golden shimmer. It doesn’t look so amazing by daylight, but it overflows and glows so pretty by lamplight giving me a new year mood.

The product comes in a paper palette. However, it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.

The cap closes with a magnetic closure, which is very handy, as I don’t have to break my nails to open it.

  • Colors

The palette consists of 8 neutral shades. They don’t look pale or dull. They are eye-catching, intense and well matched, so these shades are suitable literally for everyone!

The left row has warmer and more yellowish hues. The right row has cold and red tones. Plus, here you can find a neutral white and black that will always come in handy. In the picture you can see the eyeshadows without any base.

1 — It’s a shimmer white shade that is good for highlighting the inner corner of the eye and the area under the brows. The payoff is good and the shade is hardly dusty when applying. The shade is not really glowing, which is a plus. It is good for a daily makeup.

2 — It’s a matte beige color that can be used as a base for your makeup. It blends with my skin perfectly.

3 — It’s a glossy golden shade that is not very intense when applied with a brush. However, you can make it very bright and add a glossy highlight to your evening look applying it with your fingers, with a damp brush or using a specific eyeshadow base. Also, it’s suitable for highlighting the middle part of the eyelid.

4 — It’s a matte brown shade with a visible orange undertone. It is dusty along with the black hue when picking up with a brush. Moreover, these shades are the most pigmented out there and last really long.

5 — matte and neutral beige. It can be used as an eyeshadow base for girls with a darker skin tone.

6 — complicated gray-brown tone. It has shimmer to it. The properties are the same as in the shades No. 1 and 3.

7 — taupe, gray-brown shade close to gray. The shade is also shimmering and suitable for darkening the corners of your eyes.

8 — It’s matte black, which is the darkest shade out there. It can be dusty when applying with a brush. This hue is highly-pigmented and easy to overdo.


All in all, this color range reminds me of the most enjoyable winter things like snow, black branches of a tree, hot chocolate, soft natural wool sweater and something warm and homelike.

The pigmentation is medium, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me, because highly-pigmented eyeshadows require some skills I lack Sad It’s easier for me to apply a few coats with this product and then correct and even out everything I need. It’s hard to apply makeup perfectly on the first go.

Sephora Winter Magic Eyeshadow palette has a nice and soft texture. The shades apply and blend out with ease. Plus, they pair amazingly well with each other! All the colors are different and wearable. This palette is awesome for newbies in the makeup area and for those who are looking for a versatile product for any occasion.

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