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Written on Monday, October 2, 2017




The Sleek MakeUp I-Divine Original shadows palette has become another replenishment to my collection of products by this English brand.


When I saw it for the very first time, I was a bit disappointed. Some of the shades seemed to be completely dull, others simply wouldn’t go with my makeup. But "the appetite comes with eating" and the more often I used the palette the more I fell in love with it.


The palette is packaged in a rectangular cardboard box, in a typical Sleek MakeUp style.



The case is no different from other Sleek palettes. It is still the same classical style: the simple black, matte case and is decorated only with a glossy inscription with the name of the brand.




Inside there is a large mirror, which is really very convenient to use. There is also a double-sided applicator-sponge, with which I apply the accent color on the mobile lid.



The Original palette fully justifies its name, it's really the most unusual and original palette in my collection, but I can’t say that it’s a must-have in every girl’s collection. No, the Original palette is definitely an acquired taste.



It’s not for nude makeup fans, but the girls who love experiments in their makeup and are not afraid of bright and bold colors!



The palette contains 12 rich saturated shades, each has an individual name.



Black cab is a rich coal-black. The only matte shade in the palette. Has a gorgeous pigmentation. Can be easily applied and blended. Can be used to darken the crease of the eyelid, to create smokey eyes, as well as a cat eye makeup.



Royal - a satin lilac. The formula is very pleasant, almost creamy. The shade is perfectly transferred to the eyelid, creates a dense coating, and can be easily blended. It can dust a little bit when you pick it up with a brush, but it doesn’t fall off during application.



London Rain - a deep dark blue shade, satin and chic. It’s probably my fave. Creates incredibly beautiful opalescence on the eyelid, from a saturated blue to a muted smoky gray, and even silver at a certain angle. Its formula and characteristics are similar to the previous shade.


The Thames - a satin shade. I use it very rarely, but it can be very fascinating when combined with the right colors. Its pigmentation and formula are also great.



E10 - a satin shade of a sea wave. I use it quite rarely, like the previous one. The texture is pleasant, not dry, and easy in application.



Hyde Park - a delicate satin green. I have always been vigilant towards green shades, but I simply fell in love with this one, as it’s so delicate! I use it both as the basic shade in my eye makeup and for drawing cat eyes. Highly pigmented. It’s applied in an even thick coat.



Cream Yea is a satin creamy-golden hue. Difficult in application. It’s simply impossible to apply it evenly, the shade is clumpy and patchy. Makeup base or applying it wet do not improve the situation. That’s a shame. I have always believed that Sleek have the most beautiful and highly pigmented gold shades, but this one is definitely not one of them.



London Eye - is a satin pink duochrome. This shade reminds me of the famous blush Sleek up Blush Rose Gold, where the pink also smoothly turns into gold. Very nice and versatile shade, which perfectly matches almost all shades from the palette. Very blendable, creates a dense coat on the eyelids and the pigmentation is remarkable.



Big Ben - a satin peach pink, very similar to the popular shade of Organza from the Oh so special palette. The formula is almost creamy, it is easy to pick up with a brush, and the color payoff is amazing


Penny Farthing is a shimmery bronze with incredible pigmentation. Can fall out during the application. I like to use it in combination with gold and green hues.



Sterling is a shimmery brown-gold. Another favorite of mine. Combinable with absolutely all the shades from the palette. It beautifully shimmers in the sun. The pigmentation is gorgeous. Can fall out during the blending process, but the fallout can be easily removed with a brush.


Banksy is a shimmery green-gold or pistachio shade. Just love it for its depth and versatility! On the eyelids it shimmers and shines. The pigmentation is excellent plus it’s easily applied and blended


A swatch of all hues in daylight:



Absolutely all shades have excellent pigmentation, and it’s pleasant to use them in my makeup. It only lacks a matte beige-brown shade to apply onto the lid crease,


When mixed, the shades do not form a dirty spot, the transitions are smooth and neat.



The lasting power is also great. When applied on an eyeshadow base, the colors last all day.


In my opinion, the palette is ideal for creating holiday or evening makeups.


I will show a few examples:


With Banksy, Sterling, Penny Farthing and Black cab.


In a defocus, you can see how beautifully the shades glow.



With London Rain, Black cab, Cream Yea.



With Hyde Park, Banksy and Sterling



With Big Ben, Royal and London Rain.



Another version of the makeup in bronze-green colors.


With Hyde Park, Banksy, Sterling and Penny Farthing.



With Black cab and Cream Yea.



With London Rain, Black cab and Royal.



With Royal, Sterling, Black cab, London Eye and Hyde Park.



The same version with The Thames.



With London Rain, Black cab, Cream Yea, and Banksy.



Also, all shades (except for the Cream Yea) are suitable for drawing eyeliners. I love doing it with green shades!


With Hyde Park, London Eye and Sterling.



Definitely recommended, especially if you’re an eyeshadow addict!

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Summerly recommends Sleek MakeUp i-Divine-Original Eyeshadow Palette

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