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Written on Thursday, March 21, 2019
Pros: no drying out, no tacky feeling, no white film, pleasant aroma
Cons: it can’t be applied over a lipstick, pathetic shine, the applicator doesn’t take out enough

Hello everybody!

I bought this Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss being on holiday when I realized that I’d like to wear a lip gloss, though I hadn't had any with me at that time.

I solved my problem by buying this one, which was no more than €2. Unfortunately, the purchase wasn’t successful.



Size - 5ml

Shelf life: 24 months of opening


  • Outer appearance:

It looks simple and frills-free. This is logical, given the price tag.

But it’s nice to hold that tube in my hands. Nothing bad happened with the lettering on the tube within a month, so I won’t scald the packaging. It’s just a regular lip gloss for an affordable price.


  • Applicator:

It’s small and common for lip glosses. It’s soft and I love how gliding it is over my lips. But it takes out the product terribly: even three dips aren’t enough to take a sufficient amount. That's why I have to dip again and again. That freaks me out.


  • Texture


The texture of the Wet n Wild Megaslicks is rather pleasant: gel-like and not too thick. It’s also a tad oily, though not gooey or tacky.

The consistency is thick. I’d say that the texture is lightweight: I love such lip glosses because they are usually very difficult to detect on the lips. In the tube, the formula seems transparent and a tad airy.



The smell is nice, not chasing. It’s sweet. It doesn’t stay on my lips and vanishes right after application.


  • Color selection:


It isn’t the widest in the world, I recollect there are 7 or 8 shades in the line-up. As for me, I didn’t have a choice at all. There was only this one available at that store, no coral or pink shades.

E5514 My Cherry Amour

Е5452 Sweet Glaze

E544 Sinless

E5432 Crystal Clear

E559 Great Coral-ation

E5463 Crushed Grapes

E5572 Cherish


I have mine in the shade Е5452 Sweet Glaze - a regular transparent lip gloss with a hint of pink undertone. It’s totally sheer on my lips.

  • Application

If only I could forget about this terrible applicator, I’d say that there’s nothing difficult about its application. The product doesn’t budge, streak and always applies smoothly. The only gripe is that I have to dip again and again in the tube. In all other respects, everything is nice here.


  • The product in my makeup:


The main disadvantage of this Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss is that it doesn’t have any glossy finish. The glow is so delicate that I struggle to see it.


It looks faded on my lips, as though I applied a chapstick. Let’s be honest, there are many more colored chapsticks than this lip gloss. It looks as though my lips are nude if you look from a distance. No visual volume, you see. Boring.


The product sinks in within 30-40 minutes, which means pathetic staying power. And yeah, forget about meals with this Mega Sleeks lip gloss on.


Still, I want to highlight some positive sides:

1) The product isn’t tacky at all;

2) I don’t detect it on my lips;

3) It doesn’t feather with a white film on my lips (it just doesn’t have enough time to do it);

4) it doesn’t define flaking skin and lip texture.


  • Skin care

The product isn’t skin-friendly. It’s not a chapstick to moisturize or nurture my lips. It doesn’t protect them from chapping either: this is all because of its quick sinking in.

But I appreciate that Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss doesn’t dry out my lips.


  • My impressions of use


Actually, I’d like to assess it with 3 stars if only it had a good applicator. After all, it doesn’t have some serious drawbacks, which are so common for lip glosses - it isn’t tacky, for instance. But in all other aspects, I don’t like it:


  • the color selection is poor here
  • it doesn’t look interesting on my lips
  • the glossy finish is pathetic and barely detectable
  • no staying power
  • the applicator is an epic fail



However, it’ll be fair to mention the advantages as well:

  • the formula isn’t tacky
  • I don’t feel it on my lips
  • it doesn’t dry out or damage my lips


In the end, I assess it with 2 stars. I don’t recommend it. I’d like to have a beautiful lip gloss, despite it being tacky. But here the glossy shine is pathetic. Even the street-end brands nowadays offer much better lip glosses, which still appear well on the lips.


Thanks for your attention!

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