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Written on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hi everyone!

Back in the days when I was on a look out for perfect skin care products, I stumbled across a Clinique booth. There was either a discount or I just simply could spend my beauty points, I don’t really remember, but it was the day I bought this popular soap. I felt a bit greedy, because the price for it was about $16 but I hoped it would live up to all those positive reviews. I hoped…



This bar helps clear and prevent acne on the face and body. It gently removes dirt and excess oil while fighting acne breakouts with encapsulated salicylic acid. Skin looks and feels calmed, smooth, and comfortable.


The bar is packaged flawlessly. It comes in a soap container which is wrapped in paper and comes housed in a cardboard box.

The soap container is quality. Thanks to its double bottom, it doesn’t let the soap bar become gooey.

There was a long booklet with a description of the whole line.

As always, the brand suggested we buy the whole line in order to get quick results. Personally I prefer to start with a single product, though, and if I like it, I may add other products too.


What concerns the soap:

It’s a pretty big bar, almost fragrance-free. A little bit goes a long way. My bar is about 6 months old and still quite big.Ingredients:


I used to make a thick foam before applying it onto my face, massaged it for 2 minutes, washed off and went on with my skincare routine.

My skin: combination, prone to oiliness. My pores may get clogged quickly if I use the wrong skincare products. I also have breakouts before my period.

My feelings and results:

I never used this soap as a makeup remover. I only used it as a face wash on a daily basis. It did not deliver the results I hoped for, I never felt that my skin was completely clear and wanted to wash my face again. After a while, my pores got clogged.

Since I regretted the money I wasted on it, I decided to use it as a body wash. And you know what? It simply dried out my skin, even though I use a quality body cream.

After some time I started to notice that my skin on my breasts and back started getting oily too quickly plus there were breakouts.

That’s how my experience with this oil ended. I wanted it to clean my skin, not to add more problems, especially for the money it costs.

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