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Written on Friday, September 29, 2017

Hi everybody!

It’ll be a rave review!


Today I want to talk about skin cleansing. Since I am the owner of oily and problematic facial skin with enlarged pores, I am always on the lookout for good deep cleansers that would dissolve the dust and dirt in the pores, as well as skin sebum, leaving the skin clean and smooth.


One of such go-to products for me is Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream.



Product details:

Produced in South Korea


Volume: 180 ml


Product description:

What it is:

The refreshing cleansing cream gently melts out makeup and impurities and cleanses fine pores with fine baking powder cream with excellent cleansing power.


Packaging: Quite a simple jar of light plastic, made in soft blue colors. (I bought the cream half a year ago, now the packaging looks a bit different)



There is another tiny lid under the screw top.



On the jar there is also a sticker with the the list of ingredients in English:


Personally I didn’t even read the list of ingredients through as I had the possibility to evaluate the quality of the product from the very first application. Only now I saw it contains mineral oil. I think that I won’t be afraid of this ingredient anymore, since the cream does not clog my pores, but simply removes all the dirt from my skin.


It also contains baking soda, which easily penetrates into the pores, dissolves skin-fat plugs and comedones.


Consistency: The face wash is snow-white, oily, but light and whipped like cream. The texture is smooth and homogeneous, it does not contain any scraping particles.




When in contact with my skin, the cream begins to melt instantly, becoming transparent.



Scent: The cream smells of soda with lemon. Before applying Korean cosmetics, I used to make a mixture of soda with lemon and scrubbed the skin around my nose, trying to get rid of the hateful blackheads. Therefore, this combination of scents is familiar to me, as probably to many. But the aroma is less harsh, very pleasant and refreshing.


How to use.


Use hands to dispense cream. Apply cream to dry facial surface and massage until makeup is dissolved. Wipe off face with facial pad/tissues and wash with cleansing foam and water.


My experience with Etude House cleansing cream:

I bought this product in order to clean my pores. I use it a couple of times a week, instead of my regular face wash. I apply a small amount of the cream onto dry skin, and massage it for several minutes. During this process, my palms glide smoothly over the skin. Therefore it’s also a kind of face massage.


The cream is a bit fatty and at first I thought that being the owner of oily skin, I should avoid such formulas. Now, after I’ve tried a few Korean skin care products, I know that oils aren’t that bad for oily skin.


After a couple of minutes of massage, I wash the cream off with warm water. It’s easily washed off without leaving a greasy film on my skin. My skin is smooth, velvety and moisturized, while the pores are narrowed and clean. It’s just the perfect combination, deep cleansing + high-quality moisturizing effect.


As I mentioned above, I bought the cream to clean the pores on my face, and it does its job. Just out of interest, I tried to use it to remove my make up, and it worked as good as a high-quality cleansing oil.


I like to use this cream in the morning, as it effectively cleanses and narrows my pores and makes my skin smooth, which is essential for good makeup. I also use the cleansing cream in the evening in order to remove the dust, dirt and dermal sebum which accumulate on the skin during the day. But I’d like to note that I use this cream only 2-3 times a week. It can be used on a daily basis, though.


I also like this magical buttery melting formula, along with the citrus aroma, which provide freshness during the process of washing. You don’t have to use peel off masks anymore or make homemade scrubs that scratch the skin. The product makes my skincare routine more pleasant and effective.


The conclusion:


  • The cream effectively dissolves dirt and skin sebum
  • Efficiently removes my makeup
  • Narrows my pores
  • Makes my skin tone more even
  • Doesn’t dry out my skin
  • Leaves no oily film
  • Makes my skin soft and velvety
  • The cream has a pleasant melting consistency, with which you can make a cool face massage
  • Has a fresh and natural lemon scent
  • Incredibly economical
  • Doesn’t have to be washed off
  • Gives pleasant sensations
  • Suitable for all skin types

So "oily-skinned", do not be afraid to use these such treatments in your skincare routine, as they are extremely effective.


Usually, I don’t repurchase such products, even if like them, because there are so many other attractive Korean products available in the market, but I’m sure I’ll buy this one again.

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Sofiebeauty recommends Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream Face Wash

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