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Written on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I’d like to share my thoughts on the Kiehl's facial masque which is the first step in my skin care routine to radiant and healthy-looking skin. Of course it’s rather easy to create that glow with cosmetics, as there are a lot of highlighters and luminazers in the market nowadays, but I still believe that the problem of dull and uneven skin tone lies deep inside and requires proper care.


Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask:


At first I had 5 sachets with this mask which I grabbed from a store, so I can freely say that I knew what I was buying.


Have you seen the Kiehl’s sachets? They usually have 5 ml of the product which is enough for 2-3 uses. And considering the fact that friendly sales girls assure you that you should smear the masks by this brand with the thinnest layer, then two sachets will be more than enough for you to make up your mind about this or that product.


Small description from the official website:

This facial mask instantly brightens dull, fatigued skin and restores skin’s healthy-looking, rosy appearance over time. Formulated with cranberry extract—an antioxidant packed superberry rich in resveratrol and anti-inflammatory turmeric extract—this unique mask also contains micronized cranberry seeds that can be used to gently exfoliate the skin while washing the mask off after use.


I have my mask in the biggest jar they offer which is 100 ml (3.4 oz). I bought the biggest size as it was the most profitable especially when I use it very often. The price for this volume is $39

Aroma. Personally I find it pleasant, as it reminds me of a cranberry and sea buckthorn smell. It’s so berry- and green-like with a hint of clay and spice notes.

The consistency is thick and the mask doesn’t melt when I take it out. The application is easy and even. There are cranberry seeds which are here to gently exfoliate our skin when rinsing the product off. I like the massaging feeling my skin gets when I apply and rinse the mask off. It kind of reminds me of a gentle face scrub.


A rinse-off facial mask that invigorates and brightens the skin's appearance.

It’s a solution for dullness and uneven texture.


I usually apply this mask after cleansing my face with a facial foam and blotting with a paper tissue. I apply it with a THIN layer and leave on for 10 or 15 minutes. I do it when I have a bath, so the mask never dries down on my skin, as it’s very humid in the bathroom.

I don’t experience any discomforting, irritating or tingling feelings with the mask on. After 10 minutes I start rinsing it off with massaging motions on my skin to give it additional exfoliation from the cranberry seeds.


I don’t recommend you to use a sponge to rinse the mask off, as those seeds will sit inside and the sponge will be extremely difficult to wash off then.



1. The mask hydrates my skin and makes my complexion look more smooth and even much quicker than if I simply washed my face with a cleanser. My skin is usually red-spotted after the use of this mask and it gets a little bit irritated if I touch it, so I have to wait for some time for it to calm down. I can say that my skin comes to its normal condition way quicker with this mask.


2. The radiance effect is visible (and I don’t mean the oily sheen) even if I don’t use any cosmetic products. After the use of this mask I can freely walk out of the house without any makeup on and be sure that my skin looks decent.

3. Cleansing effect: since the mask is clay-based it cleanses my skin well and diminishes the appearance of my pores. In general I take it as an exfoliating mask as it releases all the dead skin cells and evens out flaking and uneven skin texture.


4. I noticed that after the use of this mask all my foundations and concealers apply better to the skin. There is turmeric in the ingredients but it doesn’t mean that you should be afraid of getting your complexion stain yellow after the use of this mask. I’ve never seen such effect on my skin. Maybe if you let it dry down on your face, there are more chances to stain your skin yellow then but, honestly, what for. If you apply the mask while taking a bath when your skin is steamed out then there’s no risk, I deem.

In the collage the first photo is taken right after rinsing off the mask, the second is within 30 minutes and the third is my total look with some foundation on. By the way, the foundation applied perfectly well, you see.

I’m very delighted with my mask and I highly recommend it!

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Snub nosed66 recommends Kiehl's Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask

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