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Written on Friday, September 15, 2017


Encouraged by the reviews about aloe remedies, I decided to make my invaluable contribution too and tell you about my experience with a fantastic, cosmetic product which has become my major must-have.

I couldn’t start writing this review for a long time. Since the first use of the product, 4 months have passed. I had enough time to appreciate all the advantages of the sleeping pack and fall in love with it (no matter how silly it sounds)

So, let’s begin!


Product information:


✔ - Place of purchase - Korean cosmetics store


✔ - Price - $ 9


✔ - Volume 160 ml enough for a year. Earlier I thought that it would not be enough for me, but the treatment turned out to be very economical Smile


☆ Design


Initially, the product was packed into a cardboard box, and on the tube itself there was a protective film (I did not have time to take photos, as I didn’t think that I would write a review, so I threw all that stuff away.)

The design is a bright green color, with leaves of aloe printed on it.

The design resembles aloe gels, simple and cute. There is no additional information on the tube itself.

This is odd, because usually Koreans put a lot of information (in Korean) on the backside of packaging. But I won’t complain about the information I wouldn’t be able to understand anyway.


☆ Consistency and smell


It does not leave a sticky feeling, quickly penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, and prevents the appearance of dehydrated skin.

The overnight facial mask has an airy consistency with small air bubbles - just like a regular aloe gel (if you ever tried one you know what I'm talking about).



The gel spreads evenly and quickly absorbs into the skin, plus it does not leave stickiness or unpleasant sensations.



★ After application, the gel turns into droplets of water, giving the skin a pleasant feeling of moisture. Due to this, the gel absorbs in a few seconds.


About the product

  • NATURE REPUBLIC Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Sleeping Pack - 160ml
  • Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Sleeping Pack is a gel type sleeping pack that contains aloe flesh.
  • It softly covers your face and supplies moisture while sleeping. Also, this provided moisture is protected by a moisture film created thanks to the product.
  • Polysaccharide In Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Enhance Skin Cell Regeneration and Speed Up Healing of Damaged or Scarred Skin, and Reducing the Visibility of Lines and Wrinkles

During outbreaks, I use this facial mask daily, 3-4 days in a row. Maybe (I do not know for sure) it’s not advisable to use it everyday, but I believe that it’s one of those facial treatments that won’t harm your skin, even if used frequently.

★ The scent of the sleeping pack isn’t overpowering. The treatment can be successfully used by both men and women. In my opinion, the fragrance is very pleasant. Light, fresh and barely perceptible. It smells of something truly natural. Perhaps that's how Aloe smells without artificial fragrances.

The scent is an important part of the product for me. As it turned out, it’s very pleasant to use a care product which smells so nice.

☆ Effect


My skin is oily in the summer, constantly tends to break out and must always be taken care of. Rashes, acne, dullness of the skin - these are all my frequent companions, due to sensitivity of the skin and unbalanced nutrition.

This facial mask is my major must-have, which helps me keep my skin in a good, healthy condition. It takes care of the pimple wounds, keeps the skin moisturized and thus protects it from the negative impacts of the environment.

☆ When do I use it?

For the first time, I tried the mask in winter. I used it every other day, and my skin remained in normal condition despite the cold weather.


I use it as a soothing treatment after clay masks, scrubs and peelings, when my skin needs extra nutrition and moisture.


★ Also, it can be used after a sunburn. Overnight, the mask soothes and heals sunburns.

After I got this facial mask my skin has become moisturized, well-nourished and healthy. In the morning after, my skin seems to glow, it’s fresh and has a natural blush. If there were irritated places (after pimples, or active sunburn), redness disappears overnight. Serious outbreaks disappear in 2 days.

This is my perfect night facial mask, and I won't swap it for anything else.

A short summary:

  • The overnight facial mask absorbs quickly, doesn't leave uncomfortable stickiness, like many aloe gels do.
  • It is able to restore damaged, dry and depleted skin, improve and moisturize it, plus give your face a healthy complexion and a natural glow.
  • This overnight mask is suitable for all skin types. Mine is oily, but after this treatment, I do not feel like my face is melting off (those with oily skin can relate)
  • The mask absorbs completely in 5 minutes, so I sleep comfortably. The smell doesn’t stay on my skin.
  • If you use the Asian system of skincare, which consists of like a dozen stages (just kidding), this mask will suit you perfectly. It’s a great last step of the skin care regime.
  • The mask does not clog pores, as it is pretty lightweight.

I really hope that you’ll like this mask as much as I like it. It might be difficult to find, but it’s really worth it!

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Kris Dai recommends Nature Republic Real Squeeze Aloe Vera Sleeping Pack

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