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Written on Monday, May 29, 2017

Hi everyone,

Have you ever wondered, how much time you spend with your phone in hands? Let’s figure out!

Recently I’ve decided to calculate it. Well, I spend 30 minutes in the morning, 2 hours on my way to work and back home, an hour at lunch, 1 more during a working day, 1.5 hours in the evening looking through the news feed in social media networks, 30 mins playing games and 30 mins before going to bed. So, it’s 7 hours, see? It’s crazy! It’s even more than I spend on sleep everyday! Surely, I don’t use it every minute, but most of the time indeed.


Does having an iPhone mean showing off?

3 years ago I was using a common Nokia and was absolutely okay with it. I always thought that Apple was a way to show off. However, once I took a look at it, I became obsessed with Apple products ever since. Besides, I don’t think it’s about showing off, because it’s really worth it.

Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4

It’s better than 4S and 5S all together!

You probably wonder, why I bought the iPhone 6 instead of a new 4s or 5s. It’s cheaper, but an iPhone still, you'd say. First of all, my iPhone 4 started working slower, as it was overloaded with all the apps I’d installed, but it functioned well, though. That’s why I didn’t even look at the 4S. I’ve read quite a lot of reviews where people compare the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. Some of them had such absurd things that the iPhone 6 bends or cracks, etc.

Moreover, I wanted to buy the latest model for that matter.

Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4

Why do I recommend buying IPHONE 6?

If somebody asks me, if it’s worth buying this model, I’ll definitely say yes! I’ve been using it for 9 months already, therefore I can say this for sure.

Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4

1. A larger display is convenient to use

If you think, the iPhone 6 screen is too big, you’re wrong, believe me. I thought the same myself at first, but now I’d say it’s even small for me! I got used to the new phone quickly. I don’t have to grab this phone with both hands or anything, I can handle it with one hand most of the time. By the way, my hands are absolutely normal, they aren’t too long or too big, I’m just OK using it this way.

General information:

diagonal 4,7 inch

height - 13,8; width - 6,7; depth - 0,69 mm

Such a diagonal is the best one. It’s more comfortable to read books, look through the pages and work with apps. I don’t understand why some people call it a shovel. Now I think that the iPhone 5s wouldn’t make me happy.

Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4

2. Power and battery

I’m so thrilled with it! I always charged my iPhone 4 once a day, but I can forget about charging the iPhone 6 at least for a day. In the beginning, I was impressed, but now I consider it a normal thing. I use my phone frequently during a day. When I just bought the iPhone, it was working for 2 days without charging which was incredible for me. But then some upgrade program came out and the battery life decreased. They say it’ll be back to normal, if you turn off some functions like pace tracking, accelerometer, barometer, etc, but I've decided not to do this.

When I had the 4 model, I turned off the location service, Face time calls, push notifications, battery percentage and automatic downloads and it began working longer.

Talk time up to 14 hours on 3G.

Standby up to 10 days (250 hours).

Internet use up to 10 hours on 3G, up to 11 hours on Wi-Fi.

Video playback up to 11 hours

Audio playback up to 50 hours

Some people are still quibbling about the battery life. No doubt, it would be better if it was longer, but comparing with the iPhone 4, it’s like day and night.


3. iPhone speed

It’s noteworthy that the iPhone 6 has become faster. In comparison with the iPhone 4, it’s so obvious. My friends didn’t believe in that, so I carried out an experiment. I opened Shazam on both phones. It took 2 mins for the iPhone 6 and 6 mins for the iPhone 4 to launch the app! The difference is significant!

A8 chip with M8 motion coprocessor.

4. Camera

It is one more reason to admire this phone. It is true that the iPhone camera is the most popular camera in the world, as having it, you don’t have to carry any other cameras with you.

Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4

By the way, I usually take photos with the iPhone for my reviews.

8-megapixel iSight camera with 1.5µ pixels

Autofocus with Focus Pixels

ƒ/2.2 aperture

True Tone flash

Five-element lens

Hybrid IR filter

Backside illumination sensor

Sapphire crystal lens cover

Auto image stabilization

Auto HDR for photos

Face detection

Exposure control

Panorama (up to 43 megapixels)

Burst mode

Tap to focus

Photo geotagging

Timer mode

Photos taken by iPhone 6:

Taken with iPhone 6
Taken with iPhone 6
Taken with iPhone 6
Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6
Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6
Taken with iPhone 6

Compare the photos taken by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 4 (the first one is taken by the iPhone 6). They are taken under the same conditions, plus no filters were used.

Taken with iPhone 6
Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4

Taken with iPhone 6
Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4

Taken with iPhone 6
Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4

5. IOS 8 operating system.

One more reason that encouraged me to buy this very iPhone is an advanced IOS 8 operating system, ‘cause I couldn’t upgrade my iPhone 4 anymore. It doesn’t mean that the 4th model is somewhat worse without this operating system (it’s forbidden technically), but I just love trying something new all the time.

First of all, I wanted to have this iPad-iPhone connection, it means that you can answer your phone call with your iPad now. Moreover, I craved for Siri and the Health app that counts the paces you’ve made during a day.

6. Siri

It's one more pleasant function for my iPhone. There’re tons of funny Siri dialogues on the Internet, by the way.

I use Siri not only just for fun:

  • I set a timer.
  • Ask it about weather. When the phone is charging, you can do it without your hands, but with your voice.
  • Ask it to play some music.
  • Learn the location of cafes, shops, etc.

Why am I doing it with the help of Siri? The reason is that I want Siri to prevent me from getting distracted. You know this thing, when you unlock your iPhone to do something, but some notification appears and you go to see it and forget what you wanted to do earlier. Therefore I use Siri.


It’s a great phone! It’s light, thin, fast and great quality.

A colleague told me once: “It’s rude to be so obsessed with your phone”. I could just smile at that Smile

I do recommend this model, though new ones come out so frequently!

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