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Written on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hello everyone on this website!

Today I’m gonna tell you about the serum with 18% vitamin C purchased from I have bought another product containing this ingredient for 2 years now in order to strengthen blood vessels on my face and to refresh the appearance of my skin. The first product I’ve used was not the right one, so I continued my search by surfing

The selection wasn’t that big. I was only interested in two serums. The first one is Mad Hippie, the second - Jeffrey James Botanicals. I was confused by the first serum, as many reviews said it had a yellow color (vitamin C gets yellow when it oxidizes), so I decided to ask the manufacturer some clarifying questions in order not to throw my money away. According to him, the yellow color was quite normal. They said that it could appear in different batches due to the properties of the natural ingredients. Well, it would’ve been hard to distinguish a defective version of the product. Besides, this serum contains 10% vitamin C, which is enough. Any product that has a higher percentage does it for the sake of marketing.

So I decided to purchase Jeffrey James Botanicals.

Volume: 29 ml

Price: $37

The serum comes in a bottle with a pipette. It’s covered with film, plus there’s a tamper-proof lid.

Product detail:

Accelerate skin's natural repair process, fight aging at the root for a wonderfully fresh and radiant appearance.

Intensive anti-oxidant repair serum defies aging, restores elasticity. Argan Stem Cells accelerate skin's natural repair process as they rejuvenate tired skin. Vitamin C brightens skin and boosts collagen production promoting a healthy skin matrix. Hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates for radiant skin. Fine lines and wrinkles dramatically reduced. Visible improvement in skin tone and texture.

Suggested Use

To Use: apply 2-3 drops of The Light over the entire face and neck, gently pressing in with fingertips and finishing with light sweeping strokes. Follow with The Creme. Use morning and night.

My skin: 28 years old. Combination skin with rosacea and fine lines. Sensitive skin that occasionally reacts to different products.

Texture and scent:

It is a watery blurred white texture. To tell the truth, I can’t stand it. I thought it would be gel-like due to the hyaluronic acid, but I was wrong. It runs out really quickly, somewhere around a month and a half.

I used it morning and night for the first two weeks, then only at night. Many people write that it smells like lemon, but I haven’t noticed it. I poured this serum into an airtight container, because vitamin C oxidizes quickly. I’m not so sure about this method, because my mom has been using a similar Caudalie serum for half a year now, but it hasn’t changed colors. When you order this you may want to ask them to send you a product from the latest batch just to be sure.

My impressions:

It absorbs into your skin because of the watery consistency. Thus you should be careful, because it’s easy to forget which zone has been treated already. I haven’t needed any protective or moisturizing products. After I use it I feel like I haven’t put anything on my face. Unfortunately, it would’ve been great to apply a serum with hyaluronic acid after that, but I didn’t have it.

I worried that it would make my skin dry, because the serum seemed not to work for me at all, but strange things happened after a month. While I was buying cigarettes, a shop clerk looked at me suspiciously and demanded to see my I.D. It wouldn’t have surprised me if it happened in summertime when my face is moisturized and smooth, but it was so unusual for winter. I laughed about this, but when it happened again I just couldn’t ignore the fact - my face looked fresh and young.

To tell the truth, I only noticed that my skin was lighter at home. In a month my skin became clean, smooth, radiant and firm. It’s hard to trace the changes, because vitamin C works slowly.

Usually it takes a month to see the changes.

Since I used it for two months, I can judge this product fully. At the beginning, the intense collagen output was causing a negative impact along with the dry air, but then my skin became dull, and my fine lines were visible like last winter.



  1. Great price/availability.
  2. long-lasting effect and visible results.
  3. Healthy ingredients.


  1. The packaging doesn’t help to preserve the ingredients.
  2. texture.
  3. No protective properties.

The serum works well and does what it promises, that’s why I think it’s safe to purchase.

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Daenlo recommends Jeffrey James Botanicals The Light Age-Defying C Serum

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