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Written on Thursday, October 26, 2017
Pros: compact size, day and evening makeup, good applicator, matching good colors, price/quality, smart office makeup as well as evening
Cons: some very bad-pigmented colors


I’ve been longing to write a review of that gorgeous palette for quite a while. And now finally, that happened. It’s my turn to tell you my opinion about The Nudes.


Size: 9.6 g

Made by Maybelline (Italy)

Makeup is the weapon of every woman in the struggle for beauty and uniqueness. If you have a palette of eye shadow by Maybelline The Nudes, you may consider that all the battles have already been won, because you are irresistible. Nude shades are chosen in an optimal way so that you can experiment with makeup and choose the right tone for your everyday look and for an evening event.

The eye shadows are of a pleasant texture, they do not roll up, they are fine to hold on both - the base and without it, they don’t fall out from the eyelids all day long. In the palette, presented in two versions, there are 12 tones - light calm shades, and brown with bronze. These eyeshades will suit both, girls who are only the beginners in the magical world of makeup, and experienced fashion-girls who like to experiment with style.

The packaging.

For me, it’s quite simple and yeah, not elegant, but it looks stylish. The plastic is, unfortunately, very easy to scratch. The palette lost it’s presentable look, but I’m not upset at all, as the quality of the shades covers up this small disadvantage:). There’s no mirror inside, but it also isn't a great problem.

The applicator

The most surprising is that I use it a lot! It’s really normal. From the one side it’s a bit longer (I use it to draw the lash line), and from the other - it’s spoon-shaped (it helps to apply light areas on the eyelid)

The texture and pigmentation. The Nudes palette is very wide. The colors are universal and they are easy to match with each other.

The swatches with no primer in different lightening:

In the sun:

By the window:

I want to talk about each color separately.

Recently I’ve cut my finger, so don’t be afraid of it.

Shade #1 - I don’t understand it. For me, it’s the worst shade in the palette, as it’s applied patchy, there’s no intensity in the color and, moreover, it disappears very quickly. I’ve tried a lot to use it to highlight the inner corners, but it was in vain. There’s a big shimmer and the shade’s of a warm undertone.

Shade #2 - Satin texture with interesting color (grey with beige undertone). Texture-wise it’s very pleasant to the touch and silky. Usually, I apply it on the entire lid. It’s well-pigmented.

Shade # 3. It’s also not very good one, but, nevertheless, it suits me sometimes. The pigmentation isn’t the same as in the previous shade, though it highlights the inner corner well. I’ve tried to apply it under the eyebrow, but it didn’t work. There, it’s completely invisible. By the way, it seems totally matte, but on the close look and good lighting, some glittery small parts are seen.

Shade #4 - gorgeous hue for evening makeup, a beautiful bronze. The shimmer doesn’t look cheap, the texture is silky and the pigmentation is insane. It looks really beautiful with Color Tattoo 40.

Shade #5. I think it’s a matte version of #2 (though, it isn’t totally matte like #3), but still, a well-pigmented color. I use it to darken the eyelid in my daily makeup.

Shade #6. Dark brown hue with cool undertone. The texture is very interesting. It seems to be creamy. I use it in my daily makeup to draw the lash line. This hue is well-pigmented.

Shade #7. It’s soft golden-brown hue, quite well-pigmented. Sometimes I apply it on the lower lid.

Shade # 8 - it resembles with #6, but a bit lighter. As for the characteristics, it’s the same as #6, and I use it to create an ombre effect.

Shade #9. It’s not the best, but quite a good one. This hue itself is very beautiful, golden shimmer, but with a dry texture. The lasting power isn’t very good.

Shade #10 - very silky and a well pigmented hue, it’s just perfect for evening makeup. Universal chocolate color.

Shade #11. It looks like #1, but it has cool undertone. On its characteristics it’s better than the first: it’s more-pigmented, long-lasting and isn’t as whimsical while application.

Shade #12. Honestly, it’s difficult to say anything about its quality, as I used it only a couple of times to draw the lash line. Coal-black hue, pleasant to the touch and it seems matte, but there are some glittery parts in it.

Lasting power.

Together with Color Tattoo 91, these eyeshadows have great lasting power. But, to tell you the truth # 9 and 10 don’t stay as long as the others. I think, that’s because of my oily lids, it’s difficult for them to make friends with glittery parts.


Together with this palette, it’s possible to create daily and evening makeup looks. I want to show you mine:)

1. Color Tattoo 35 as a primer, on the eyelid I applied #9, drew a lash line on the upper and lower lid with #10 and #6 and defined the crease with #5.

2. Color Tattoo 91 as a primer. I drew the lash line with #6 and for the seamless transition #8 and darkened the crease with #5.

3. The same scheme, but a bit more of the #12 shade for the lash line on the upper lid.

4. The same scheme and I added the eyeliner blended with the #12 shade and I defined the lower lid.

5. I used Color Tattoo 55, as a primer, then I applied #4 on the entire lid and added #5 in the crease and I used #6 to draw the lash line. I also added # 7 on the lower lid

And now, let’s experiment a bit. I didn’t go anywhere with this makeup on, by the way. Smile Here, I used #12 EVERYWHERE and #8 to define the crease.


I love this palette and definitely recommend it. The quality is great, the hues are universal and will suit everybody, for sure. The only thing - use a base, otherwise the colors will be not so intense and the lasting power will be worse.

5 out of 5!

I hope that my review was helpful for you!Smile

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Ponqy recommends Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

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