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Written on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hello everybody!

Today I want to share  my new discovery with you - Pond`s Cold Cream Moisturizing Deep Cleanser & Makeup Remover.

One day,I found myself with no cleansing oil because I forgot to order a new one. So I decided to buy something quickly from the closest store.

All the shelves were full of Clearasil, but since I’m not a pimply teenager, I didn’t need that.

Then I noticed a small jar with an unfamiliar brand name--Pond`s. The caption read: "Moisturizing Deep Cleanser & Makeup Remover". I was curious so I grabbed the product and headed for the checkout.

The price was about $4.

Net Wt – 99 g

When I got home, the first thing I googled was “What exactly is cold cream?”

Sadly enough, I’d never heard about something like this before.

For others who haven’t, here’s a little background on Pond’s cold cream :

The first cold cream was made of vaseline and borax and was called Perfect cold cream. It released in 1890 through the Daggett & Ramsdell company in New York. But success came for another brand – Pond’s. For a long time this brand remained synonymous with cold cream. The formula didn’t change for quite a long period. Here is the formula for cold cream in the 20th century:

white beeswax – 22.0%.

white mineral oil – 50.8%.

distilled water – 26.0%.

borax – 0.8% .

fragrance – 0.4%.

Cold creams, which contained a large percentage of mineral oil (liquid paraffin) or vaseline, were used as cleansing products. They were applied to the skin in a thick layer, and then removed with cotton pads or a piece of fabric. Depending on the formula, cold creams were used for different reasons, and were advertised as universal cosmetic products.

Now let’s come back to our product.

The formula for Pond’s cream was different and consisted only of 7 ingredients. Not everybody was delighted with the changes to the product. Amazon is full of negative feedback about it.

I haven’t tried the previous version, so I have nothing to compare with and obviously I won’t take away a star for changing the formula.

The cream is packed in a small plastic jar(mine is 99 g),

but you can also find bigger ones (172 g and 269 g. I think next time I’ll try the biggest one.


Mineral Oil; Water; Ceresin; Beeswax; Triethanolamine; Behenic Acid; Fragrance; Ceteth-20; Cetyl Alcohol; Carbomer; DMDM Hydantoin; Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate; Methylparaben

The consistency of the cold cream is very soft and light. When it touches your skin it starts melting immediately without leaving an oily coating.

It smells like roses.

Despite it being a cleansing product I like to leave it in a thin layer on my hands overnight. It nourishes and moisturizes perfectly! Why at night? Because it doesn’t sink in fully during the day, and will leave greasy marks. (What didn’t sink in at night will stay on the sheets.) If I leave it on overnight, I have soft hands in the morning.

How I use it as makeup remover:

I put a small amount on my face (including my eyelids) and massage my skin for a couple of minutes. The cream slides easily on my skin without stretching it.

The most important thing is not to overdo the amount of cream; otherwise your skin will become really oily.

After that, I wet my microfiber cloth in warm water (you can use a towel or wet wipes) and simply remove the cream with the rest of makeup from my skin.

And voila- my skin is clean! The cream works perfectly. I checked this using a cotton pad with micellar water and a toner which contained alcohol and they stayed clean, which means that the cream really works.

I also tried this experiment on my arm. I applied foundation, waterproof mascara, matte lipstick, lip liner, and eyebrow mascara, and then used cold cream to remove it.

A definite plus is that the cream doesn’t leave any feeling of oiliness irritate my eyes, even when I rub them.

If I wash my face with the cream in the morning, I clean it with facial cleanser afterwards, so I don’t have the oily feeling under my makeup.

In the evening I only need to use the cream, although sometimes I also use my usual skincare cream.

Some of you may be afraid of mineral oil. But I have oily skin and use the product twice a day, and nothing scary happened to my skin. On the contrary, my pores became cleaner and my skin got softer. My skin never peels anymore.

The advertising slogan for this product is “Put your trust in a classic”.

I trusted this classic and I’m not sorry. I don’t want to go back to cleansing oils because cold cream has become my ideal “all in one” product: cleansing, removing makeup, and skincare. And the price is very affordable . It’s been a month and I haven’t even used half of it.

I definitely give it 5 stars, even though the ingredients aren’t the best. Will I buy it again? Definitely YES. I think I have found my perfect cleanser.

Thanks for the attention! I hope that my review was useful for you!

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