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Written on Friday, January 19, 2018

I have oily and problem skin and it’s the most important thing I have to start my review with. Therefore all the products I choose are to fight against the main problems of such skin type, which break out, have acne spots, enlarged pores and excessive sebum.

It’s the first time I used Enzyme powder for cleansing my face. On the internet, the reviews about this cleanser differ as well as the use.

As far as I understand, it’s something between a standard cleansing foam and a light scrub. Therefore it’s not meant for everyday use. A few applications a week are enough. However, I may be wrong, so please comment on it if you know something.



Country: South Korea

Volume: 70 g

Skin type: every skin, including sensitive

Price: $7.81



It comes in a paper package. The first thing I noticed was that it had no information in English at all: no ingredients and no suggested use. Simply nothing! It had only some product descriptive wording on the front.

The shelf life is indicated on the bottle itself.

The cap closes tightly with a click and the nozzle of the product is quite big, in my opinion.

Upon first use, open the bottle and remove the protective cap. I would recommend to keep this cap and use it in case you are planning to take the cleansing powder with you. It’s very convenient, because nothing scatters then.

Attention! Keep the powder away from water. Otherwise the contents gets lumpy and any further use would be quite challenging.



The powder reminds me of laundry detergent so much, both in smell and texture.  At first I was actually confused. However, the smell becomes more cosmetic-like when it comes into contact with water.

A very small amount is enough for a single application, so this cleanser is incredibly economical. You can order this package and use it with someone else easily. 70g is a huge amount, I mean it.



  • Hypo-allergenic cleansing

  • Moisturizing effect

  • Remove dead skin cell For dry skin type

  • Can use sensitive skin type.

  • Papain / Corn Starch / Maltodextrin

Suitable for sensitive skin as powder type wash with subacid that is similar to human’s skin whereas normal cleansers are alkalescence.

Mild foam cleanser for sensitive skin that you don’t feel tightening or dryness after facial wash as it cleans up the skin while it keeps sebum protective film of the skin.


As I’ve already said, there is no information about it in English. Some websites with Korean cosmetics I trust do not provide this information either, so the list of ingredients is still a secret for me.



I use this Enzyme Powder for washing in the morning only. It is not designed for makeup removal, so there is no use in trying to remove your BB cream with it.

To use this product, I spill a little bit of the powder to my hands carefully, because there is always a risk to spill too much due to a huge dispenser. Then I add some water and lather in well in my hands. After that I apply it to my damp skin and slightly massage it. You can dissolve the powder completely to wash your face with a cleansing foam or leave a few granules and use it as a scrub. But I don’t really use it as a scrub often, because I constantly have pimples and don’t want to spread bacteria on my face. Therefore I rub the powder till it’s a cleansing foam. By the way, it doesn’t lather into a very rich foam like some other cleansers.


After washing my skin feels polished and it’s a very nice feeling. It feels clean, but if you prefer seeing your skin squeaky clean, it’s not that.

In the beginning I thought that the powder didn't work properly, because it was not squeaky clean. However, it has to be this way actually.

It just makes your skin softer and gentler as other ordinary cleansing foams.

By the way, it has the right pH, which is 5.5, so the cleanser is really suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. I can’t say that my skin is not taut after washing at all, as I do feel a little bit uncomfortable. However, it’s way better than classy cleansing foams for oily skin.

When I have to apply toner, my skin feels awesome and I don’t want to use any moisturizing cream after that. I’ve also noticed that my skin is not greasy for a longer period of time, so it does control my sebum.

And now the pictures. If you are too sensitive and not ready to look at problem skin, don’t look.

So, here is my initial skin condition. It looked this way after using an antibiotic gel.

The next photo I took was a week and a half after washing with the Enzyme Powder. By the way, my hair is not greasy, it’s just wet.

The breakout faded, although it usually seized only within weeks. Moreover, it was always quite painful and I had red and sturdy pimples when the breakout was fading. My skin looks healthier and smoother now.

I think that the results are amazing taking into account the period of use.

The acne spots didn’t go anywhere and I guess that the ordinary skincare products are useless there, so I will have to consult a doctor and undergo some treatments.

The scrubbing procedures at home won’t help. I know that my skin looks horrible still, but this product helped me to remove heavy breakouts, which is a great plus. Everyone who has the same issues will understand me.

And here is one more picture after another week.

I believe that my skin looks the same. I mean all the acne spots are still there, but not a pimple appeared.

I don’t use anything else in my skincare routine, so I’m thankful to this product for such great results. The slight difference in the pictures is due to the different lighting and angle. In reality I don’t see any differences in my skin.

I read reviews where girls were saying that initially this powder caused heavy breakouts, which rapidly decreased over time.

I was actually ready for this effect, but it was alright with me. I don’t know why, but I think that the use of antibiotic gel before trying this powder helped me somehow.


To sum up, I loved the results and I clearly see the before and after difference. Currently I’m still testing various Korean product to find something perfect for me, but I’ll definitely repurchase this Enzyme Powder.

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