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Written on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Creightons Haircare is a professional British cosmetic brand.

I’ve already tried 3 lines from this company and today I’d like to tell you about the MICELLAR DETOX and HYDRATE Shampoo.

Micellar shampoo
Micellar shampoo

Before this one I had the Creightons Perfect Brunette complex, which didn’t impress me a lot, because it dried my hair, making it lifeless and coarse. I also tried the line for thickening.


Micellar line:

Micellar shampoo
Micellar shampoo




Breathe life back into dull hair with Micellar Detox and Hydrate Shampoo.

Impurities, excess oil and product build up on the scalp, causing hair to become greasy, heavy and lifeless.

Micellar acts as a magnet to deeply purify for fresh and revitalised hair.




Here we can see surface active agents of different concentrations, like of a deep cleansing shampoo, but here the effect is a tad milder.


Consistency and aroma


The product is absolutely clear. It has a light and discreet smell. In fact, micellar shampoos usually don’t lather well, but mine is different. It gives rich foam. I don’t even have to wash my hair twice, because even on the first go I can feel how fresh my hair is.


What I feel:

I can feel that my hair is clean for 2-3 days. It’s also very soft to the touch. Here’s the result on the roots in two days after washing my hair.


Pros of the micellar shampoo:

Smile It doesn’t dry out my hair

Smile My scalp is clean, though the cleansing is delicate and not squeaky clean

Smile After using this micellar shampoo, all my conditioners and hair masks sink in better, showing better results

Smile My hair remains fresh for longer. I can forget about a hair wash for 3 days for sure

Smile I can see natural root volume and lightweight hair.


Cons of the micellar shampoo:

Sad It doesn’t suit for everyday use.

The thing is that micelles “eat up” all the grease from our scalp.

Sad No opportunity to use it solo, because my hair is knotted and difficult to comb then. It definitely requires a hair mask or a conditioner after.


Why it is necessary to use a micellar shampoo along with a micellar conditioner or a mask:


Scientists have found out that the chemical properties of micelles are the following - in contact with glycerin, they help moisture to retain on the hair, providing a moisturizing effect. And hydration is always accompanied with natural beauty.


I can recommend this product for those who don’t want to wash their hair too often, yet feel that it's fresh and clean. It’ll be especially good for the summer.

Used for: 1 month

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Kitsune recommends Creightons Micellar Detox & Hydrate Shampoo

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