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Written on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Last year I purchased three products from Giovanni: a spray, heat protectant and serum. I’ve used up two of them quite a long time ago, but I don't want to repurchase them.

In terms of the serum, I use it even now and consider it to be the best hair product for me, which I would probably repurchase.

Full name: GIOVANNI COSMETICS- Eco Chic Frizz Be Gone- Super Smoothing Anti Frizz Hair Serum

The bottle has a simple design. It’s made of transparent, lightweight and quality plastic.

There is no screw cap, which is very handy. The product has a pump dispenser.

There are 5 flower extracts, two vitamins, two silicones and a natural fragrance. The list of the ingredients is quite good for the hair type it is designed for.

Cyclomethicone, Soy, Dimethicone, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Provitamin B5, Beta Keratin (Vitamin A), Rosemary Extract, St. John's Wort Extract, Chapparel Extract, Quassia Extract, Cinnamate. Herbs, Vitamins, Vegetable Protein.

The texture is thick and silicones are perceptible. I always want to call this serum oil.

What does the manufacturer promises:

  • This liquid style creates the perfect sealant: control frizz, add shine, infuse with conditioners, and lock in hair color

  • Provides great humidity control conditions

  • Smoothes and detangles

  • Helps stop breakage

  • Provides extreme heat protection

  • Improves elasticity

  • Seals in color

This is the very case when the manufacturer does everything that it says on the tin. The only thing I can’t approve or disapprove in the claims is that it controls frizz. The thing is that my hair is straight.

Don’t be afraid of weighing down your hair. Apply the necessary amount and the product won’t make your hair greasy at all.

I apply it to my damp hair and use only a drop of it ( a pump). Then I rub it in my hands and apply it to the whole bunch of my hair keeping the distance of 10 cm from my roots.

My hair is voluminous and clean even the next day. It is not greasy or sticky at all.

One more plus of applying this serum to your damp hair is that your hands will be clean and you won’t have to wash them after.

I read reviews about this product that said that it dries out tips. As for me, I haven’t noticed anything of the kind. I have my hair cut every three months and never heard anything about my tips being in bad condition. On the contrary, my tips always receive compliments. They don’t break or get split. I think it’s all about this serum, as I use it as a heat protectant.

The results are not long in coming. This serum removes fluffy hair and makes it very soft and smooth. More than that, it is glowing and healthy-looking. My daughter has thick, long and tangling hair, but we forget about these issues a few days after the Giovanni serum.

A bottle of this serum performs like a conditioner, heat protectant and oil. Also, it goes an incredibly long way. I’ve been using it for 10 months and it is still there.

The scent is very subtle and not off-putting. It lingers in my hair for quite a while.

My before and after hair:

Before and after
Before and after

Every hair type is different, so this product won’t probably suit everyone.

To understand the effect better, compare it with the popular L'Oreal Elseve / Elvive Extraordinary Oil Hair Mask.

My hair is smooth and absolutely straight after this mask. Also, it weighs it down (somebody actually needs this effect) and my hair looks greasy the next day. So, it’s easy to overdo it.

Giovanni serum feels comfortable and undetectable in my hair. However, the results could be less visible on damaged and dry hair.

If you want to get glossy hair like in an ad, you should try some other product.


Price: $8.95

Volume: 81 ml

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Lavande recommends GIOVANNI COSMETICS Eco Chic Frizz Be Gone- Super Smoothing Anti Frizz Serum

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