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Written on Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring is finally here, and my soul yearns for change. And what does a woman do in this case? Right, she changes her hair cut or hair color.

I didn’t dare change up my haircut. Instead, I decided to meddle with my color. I wanted to be a redhead, like I once was.

I ran to the local drugstore and grabbed the very first red dye I laid my eyes on and paid 11,5$ for it.

I ran up the stairs, taking off my coat with one hand and opening up the box with the other. I couldn’t wait.

Of course, I paid no attention to the instruction booklet. I just took the big white bottle and squeezed the content of the tube into it. It smelled of unfamiliar.

Then I realized that there were more bottles with this beauty potion, and I finally started reading what was written on them.

Mother of god! I’d mixed the cream developer with a hair balm instead of the dye….

What to do? Run to the drugstore to buy more? Or take risks?

If there is no risk, there is no thrill!

Despite the suspicious violet color of the dye, I applied it.

Usually, one box is hardly enough for my long hair. But this time, there was more than enough and I generously applied it over the roots and length. It didn’t burn my scalp, and I didn’t feel the need to open all the windows in the house to get rid of the usual hair dye smell.

After 25 minutes, I decided to rinse the dye off, hoping that my hairs wouldn’t come off too.The dye was red on my hair by that time.

To my surprise, I lost less hair than I usually did. After I’d washed the dye off, I applied a regular hair balm onto my hair.

I wouldn’t say the hair is silky smooth, but it doesn’t feel like straw either. Everything is fine.

The color on the roots is as red as on the packaging. The color on the length, however, is less saturated. But I didn’t expect it to change drastically, after many years of being brunette. Next time, I’ll just darken my roots and that’s it.

In general, I’m quite happy with this hair dye, even though I didn’t use it according to the instructions. If I did, it could have given a different result. It would be lighter, I suspect. But what is done is done.

The hair is shiny and the color is beautiful, even after a few hair washes.

I recommend this hair dye, but don’t repeat my mistakes! But even if you mix your hair color with a balm, it won’t make you bald!



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