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Written on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I wanted to try something new and extraordinary one day. So I decided to make an ombre and bought L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres.


I’ve chosen the shade No 1 for Light Brown to Dark Brown. My hair is light brown.

It doesn’t work well with gray hair, by the way.


The kit includes the activating powder, developer creme, a bottle for application, lightening creme, conditioning shampoo, the special applicator brush, which I didn’t use, gloves and instructions.

Here is the applicator tool provided. It has combs of different sizes and diameters.


I don’t like the suggested use with a brush. Plus I don’t see any point in lightening my hair from the middle combing it toward the ends. I think that my tips should be the most lightened part there, so they are to be treated with a hair dye first. Moreover, I don’t like when there is a harsh line that divides my hair in two parts.

Therefore, I dyed my hair differently, lightening every strand separately.


Suggested use:

Mix the activating powder and cream in the bottle together and shake it generously. Apply the mixture with small amounts on your brush and comb your hair with it, beginning from the middle part of the hair towards the tips. Next wait 25 or 45 mins depending on the color intensity you want to get.

How I do it:

I mixed the products in a mixing bowl and applied the hair color with a special brush. I dyed my hair step by step, given that I have a layered haircut. So I started from the bottom section underneath going to the hair at the front. First of all, I’ve pinned the front section of my hair and divided the lower layers into 3 parts applying the product to every strand, beginning from my ends. In such a way the tips looked lightened the most.

Then I left my dyed locks this way and continued applying the hair color to the further layers, coloring every strand. I didn’t have a distinct line between my natural color and lightened parts, because every layer of my hair is shorter than the previous one. At the end I dyed my front hair paying a special attention to my tips.

So I never used a brush included.

At first I thought that there’s not much of the hair dye, but then it turned out to be even more than enough. I applied the rest of it to my ends again. I waited 35 mins for a color to set and it was noticeable that my ends got a hint of red. Then I followed up with a conditioning shampoo, which makes the hair very smooth. You can use it for several times, because the amount of it is good.

The result right after the lightening. My hair has just dried out here.

I’ve taken this picture in the evening, so my locks don’t look too red. In the sun it looks different Smile

Now I attach a shot by a different light.

In the sun I look like a redhead!

What did I think about the result?

I’m not a pro, so I guess, the result is not perfect.

I like that there’s no harsh line that divides my hair into two parts. But if I create an ombre again, I will color the top of my hair as well, making some sort of delicate strands. After all,I think that dip dye is cool when it comes to something extraordinary and bright. Now I’m dark-haired with a hint of red, plus light orange-y ends.

What did I think about the product?

I loved it. I had used lightening hair colors before, but this one is one the best. The texture is smooth and the ombre effect is noticeable right after application. The product does what it promises, so I’m very pleased with the results.

Did I damage my hair?

Well, it’s silly to think that the lightening hair dye won’t damage your hair. Not only did I color it, but also used a curler quite often, so recently I’ve noticed that I have split ends. Basically, I damaged my hair a little bit, but I knew what I was doing.

Overall, the ombre effect is not for everyone. It looks like if you have hair with deep roots. As far as I’m concerned, it will do for a change! By the way, girls with blonde hair would look awesome with ombre.

Next time I plan to make it differently, if I make it at all, because I change my mind more often than my underwear.

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