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Written on Tuesday, December 26, 2017
Pros: makes the hair shiny, protects my tips
Cons: the smell is not for everybody's liking

Hey dear readers of my review!

Everybody knows that it’s hard to imagine a girl who lets her hair grow and doesn’t use a leave-in oil. Moreover, I doubt that a girl with either a bob or shoulder length hair would refuse having after-salon hair tips.

Everybody loves seeing the tips sharply cut, not split or anything.

It’s noteworthy that a leave-in product is an essential part of hair care. It’s like a final step in styling or simply a finishing treatment after washing.

I love L’oreal Mythic Oil for about 2 years now. The product helped me to grow my length and smooth out my hair. Moreover, I’ve discovered a new step in hair care for me.

I wouldn’t have bought another oil, but I was presented with a Christmas set from Matrix with a mini-version of Matrix Wonders Amla Oil.

And I thought that it’s always better to have it, and not need it, than to need it, and not have it. Plus, I was curious to try out one more product for hair care.

The bottle of my mini-size is cute. It’s nice to use it on the go or carry around in a handbag. So this option is so handy as opposed to the full-size version. I always wonder why they don’t sell them.

The design of Matrix is sleek and chic as always.

Volume: 30 ml, which goes a long way.

It smells oriental and sweet. To tell you the truth, the scent is not for everybody’s liking. As far as I’m concerned it’s not up my alley, because it’s too sweet.

What does the manufacturer promises?

Discover Indian Amla oil. A scented oil-infused hair strengthening treatment formulated with Indian amla oil. Renews fragile, weakened hair for restored strength while enhancing softness and shine. Suitable for all hair types.

- Indian Amla oil provides your hair with 4X the strength*

*when used as a system: shampoo, conditioner and Indian Amla oil vs. non-conditioning shampoo


MULTI-USE: Pump to prime. Apply 1-2 pumps before shampooing, during conditioning, or as a finishing treatment. Use more or less depending on thickness of hair.

As far as you can see, the manufacturer advises you use it before shampooing. This way is not for me. If you really want to nourish your hair, apply the pure amla oil.

  • I’ve been using this product as a finishing treatment. I rub 2 pumps in my hands properly to feel the warm and apply it to my damp hair beginning from the middle and moving downwards. I pay special attention to my tips.

It doesn’t smooth out my hair so much as the Loreal Mythic Oil does. However, my hair is shining so beautifully even when it’s still damp! By the way, it’s easy to overdo with this oil. It’s thicker and more viscous. At the beginning it even felt somewhat too heavy for me, but I got used to it over time.

I would recommend this oil to coarse hair, while I have straight and quite soft hair.

The tips behave well when the oil is on. They don’t tangle and look very decent and not split.

After 3 months I usually have my hair cut, but it wasn’t so necessary that time, because my tips were still even and thick. So, this product performs perfectly when it comes to its main function, which is tip protection!

By the end of the fourth month my hair started tangling, but it’s not the oil’s fault. I just had to have them cut.

After 3 months. The pictures with and without a flash
After 3 months. The pictures with and without a flash

As far as I know, Matrix has 3 different versions of this oil:

Matrix Egyptian Hibiscus

Matrix Amazonian MuruMuru

Matrix Indian Amla

If I was buying this product myself, I would have chosen the other two options for color restoration and smoothening the hair. The amla is quite a controversial oil really, but it all depends on your personal preference.

All three of them are quite similar. It’s all about the consistency and smell actually.

Anyway, I recommend you try this range. The products are worthy, so go and grab it. However, I recommend you smell it before purchasing and it would be also great if you test the mini-versions first Wink

The question of this review is: Matrix Wonders Oil Amla or L’oreal Mythic Oil? I choose Loreal.

My hair after use
My hair after use



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MissBlack recommends Matrix Oil Wonders Indian Amla Oil Treatment

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