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Written on Friday, July 6, 2018

I’m prone to premature greying, and by the age of thirty I had a lot of grey hair. I just cannot imagine my life without hair colors.

Herbal hair colors like henna or black henna do not give the desired result anymore. I did my best not to switch to chemical hair dyes, but eventually, I had to.

I got these two shades when I saw a discount like a month ago.

First, I tried out Dark brown to cover up the reddish undertone I’d gotten with the previous hair dye.

Two weeks ago I switched to Chocolate Brown.

In this review, I’ll tell you all about the flaws I discovered, as well as about its longevity and effect.

Price: $10


There is the hair color, cream developer with a dropper, keratin treatment, gloves and directions in the box.

The results they promise:



My hair is thin, shoulder length, extremely oily and I have to wash it everyday. The tips are dry, though not split. I’ve been dyeing my hair for a year.

At the moment of hair coloring my hair looked like this:


Traditionally, I don't wash my hair for a day before coloring, and it was pretty oily due to my hair type.

Before mixing up the hair color and cream developer, I applied the keratin treatment onto my length. It’s easy to spread and it seems to envelope each hair. It smells nice.


Right after application of the treatment, I mixed the hair color and cream developer in a separate bowl. I wanted to have the possibility to apply the color with a brush.

So I applied it and spread the rest of the hair color mix with my hands onto the whole length to ensure an even coverage.

Unlike other hair colors, this one isn’t runny and I had a problem applying it to my hair line. The consistency is thick and nice to work with.

The hair color doesn’t burn or cause any discomfort, and it was easy to let it sit for 40 minutes.

These are the photos of the hair color right after the application and before the wash out. The difference is easy to spot:

I had to shampoo my hair thrice to get rid of the color mix on my hair, and it was a torture! The black flow seemed to be infinite. The water wasn’t clear even 5 shampoonings after!

I don’t know what the purpose of keratin was in this combination, but neither my tips nor my length were protected, and they looked way worse than before. I never had such an effect even with cheap hair colors.

I have to note, though, that wet hair was smooth and silky, but this effect didn’t linger for a long time.

I used a hair conditioner, but in vain.

My tips (I used Dark Brown on the whole hair, and Chocolate Brown on the roots only):

My results:

The color Dark brown covered both the grey hair and the reddish undertone completely.


The hair color had eaten into my skin and left spots that lasted about a week, even though I used a special cleaner. I had to wear a baseball cap and loose hair to cover the spots on my neck and forehead.



I washed my hair everyday, and the hair color lasted for about two weeks, which is quite normal.

But nothing lasts forever, and very soon, my hair was grey again. I used the color Chocolate Brown on my roots, and saw no difference between these two, except that in the sun, Chocolate Brown is more ‘chocolate’.If I washed my hair less frequently, the hair dye could have been more long-lasting. But since I wash it everyday, I see the first grey hairs about 20 days after the coloring.

In this photo, my hair on the roots is dyed with Chocolate brown, and my length with Dark Brown. Both look practically the same

Cons, summarized:

1. Despite the so-called keratin treatment, my hair turned into straw. What was the purpose of this?

2. Faded too quickly. I wish I could dye my hair once a month, but...I’ll have to go on doing it every three weeks.

3. The dye lasted on my skin for 4-5 days.

There are more pros, but, alas, they pale in comparison with the cons:

1. Beautiful natural looking colors and nice coloring without transitions.

2. The hair color doesn’t stink.

3. Covers the grey hair completely.

4. One box was enough to cover my shoulder length completely, another lasted for 3 colorings of the roots.

5. Nice to use, isn’t runny and foul-smelling, the bottle is equipped with the dropper.

I can give Schwarzkopf Keratin Color only three stars. It’s good, but not perfect, and the keratin treatment didn’t save my hair. I doubt I would ever buy this again.

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