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Written on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Greetings, dear readers!

Nervous people (including myself) are always on a look out for a remedy which would help us keep calm and maintain composure. Sometimes it comes even to taking every sedative in sight, just to shut down the indignation burning you from the inside out.

Magnesium is well known for its stress-relieving properties. It strengthens your central nervous system, heart, etc. Magnesium deficiency may lead to chronic stress or even suicide.

Magnesium citrate 166 mg.

Before buying the supplement, I found out which type of magnesium supplement is considered the best one, because I knew that mg is poorly absorbed (55 - 60% leaves the body as waste). Many physicians give the green light to citrate.

In this photo there is the old version of the supplement with 120 caps, 166mg each.

Not so long ago, I ordered the new version. The supplement has a pretty long shelf-life, so you can just forget it in your refrigerator and take it when necessary.

The manufacturer recommends to take three pills daily. But I don’t do that (for reasons I’ll explain below)

A few quotes about magnesium properties:

40% of magnesium intake is absorbed in the small intestine. The recommended dietary allowance is from 240 mg. to 420 mg., the highest safe dose is 800 mg.

Kidney failure is one of the contraindications for magnesium

Magnesium can be used as a natural tranquilizer that ameliorates erratic nervous system activity, also combats stress through reduction of muscular tension via relaxation of skeletal muscles.

Too much calcium, fat and phytinum prevent magnesium from being absorbed. The perfect calcium-magnesium ratio is 2:1

In the can, there are dusty white pills in classic size.

They taste really sour, I don’t recommend you keeping them in your mouth too long or the capsules will dissolve.

My experience and effectivenessThree members of my family (including me) have tried out the supplement.

At first, I took two capsules at once (according to the manufacturer’s recommendations) and went shopping, thinking that I would take the third one before going to bed.

In less than an hour I felt my bowel movement. Hmm, the situation was quite uncomfortable, but it was clear that I shouldn’t have left my house or my’s such a strong laxative! The effects lasted for more than a day, and it was beyond words!

I have found my perfect dosage, though, and it’s one capsule. It doesn’t affect digestion, but a couple of them can loosen your bowels.

166 mg is enough to feel the relaxing effect, even for such a Miss Insensitivity like me. Unfortunately, in less than a week I started having migraines because of the supplement.

So, citrate doesn’t suit me. But sometimes I take one capsule before I go to sleep in order to relax. Thus it helps without causing side effects.


  • Once, my mom had a huge work-related stress breakdown. She said she almost fainted because of the overload. I suggested that she take magnesium for like 20 days. It helped her in such a natural way, that she barely realized when she started to recover.


  • My brother had problems with his ‘good-natured’ colleagues too. He was wild, aggressive, and obsessed with some strange ideas.
  • At that point, the magnesium supplement had stayed in my refrigerator for a year, completely forgotten. So I gave my brother the can, expecting no results, and warned him that he shouldn’t take more than 1 capsule at a time, otherwise he’d end up spending the whole day in the privy.


  • In a week or so, he called me and said that the supplement had been a good replacement for all his tranquilizers! He told me that he felt great, happy and unflappable. Afterwards, he brought me many gifts (for the very first time in our lives, probably)

But I can only envy him.


Magnesium hasn’t made me serene and calm yet it changed lives of my family members for the better.

As it turned it, it can work wonders sometimes.

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