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Written on Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Pros: applies cosmetics well, budget-friendly, eco-friendly, good quality, great design

Hello beautiful girls!


Not so long ago, about a half a year or so, I barely had any cosmetic products in my make-up bag: mascara, foundation and lip balm, that’s all. There were no brushes. I used to think that if I ever need a brush to apply any cosmetic product, it’ll definitely be included with the product itself.


When I started to get to know the mineral cosmetics better, I understood that the brush wasn’t always there in the pack, so I decided to order some Ecotools brushes.


I ordered them on, so a few weeks later I was already holding my precious brushes in my hands.

This is the photo of my order and that’s how I saw my brushes for the first time.


So, let’s move onto the detailed review of my set.


Name: EcoTools, Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set.


Place of buying:

Price: now they cost $12.99, but at the time I was buying them, they cost $8.12.Packaging: The brushes were placed on the cloth brush roll, with a pocket on a zipper from one side and a pocket with a button on the other. Initially there was a carton sticker with some information about the brushes.

Set Contains:

There are 6 items in the set: 5 brushes and 1 cosmetic bag

The following brushes in the set:

Blush Brush

Eye Shading Brush

Eyeliner Brush

Lash and Brow Groomer

Concealer Brush

A little bit later I’ll tell you about each brush separately (in the order starting from my most favorite one).

So, let’s start. My fave and the most useful brush is the Blush brush.

This one, as well as all the others is made of synthetic material called taklon, has a bamboo handle and the ferrule is made of recycled aluminum. (these brushes are called Eco for the reason: all the materials used are eco-friendly and can be recycled). The bristles of this brush are very soft, but at the same time elastic. It’s very pleasant to the touch and soft on the skin. The wooden handle is light and ergonomic. The ferrule is made of good quality material and I don’t have any hindrance about it.


This brush takes blush really well. Sometimes I also apply my highlighter with it. I can’t say that it’s very convenient to have one brush for two purposes, but I’m planning to buy one more, for highlighter.


My second fave is the Concealer brush.


Before I had tried to apply my concealer with this brush I didn't even expect that it can be applied with such a thin, yet pigmented layer! This brush turned my world upside down, and now I can’t imagine my life without it!


The third goes the Eyeshading brush.

I don’t use this brush very often, since my skills in eye make-up are still far from being ideal. I use it only when I apply mono-eyeshadow onto my entire eyelid. I haven’t tried to blend with it yet, so I have nothing to say about it. The only thing I can tell about this brush is that it's also very soft and doesn’t scratch or irritate my eyelids.


And one more not very popular in use brush is the Lash and Brow groomer.


I don’t see any point to talk about it much. It separates my eyes lashes well enough and I almost don’t use it for my eyebrows.

And the last but not least is the Eyeliner Brush.


I like the cat flick eyes, but usually do it with the Maybelline gel eyeliner brush. I find that brush more convenient in use and don’t find any use for this one from the set at all. I’ve tried though to do the cat flick eye with it, and even quite liked the result.


I also want to say a few words about the way I wash my brushes.

So, after each use I wipe all my brushes with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water. And I do a proper cleansing with a shampoo once a week. I don’t bother myself with drying them out, I dry them horizontally and it doesn’t take up too much time, by the way.


About the shedding I can say the following: I’ve been using my brushes for three months already and there was no bristle to fall out from any of the brushes.


And now, I want to show you all my beautiful brushes together again!


I’m very delighted with this brushes from the set and highly recommend them!

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Li4ik recommends Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set

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Type: Brush Set
Brand: EcoTools
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