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Written on Friday, October 27, 2017
Pros: don’t shed, good blending, soft, stylish design
Cons: pricey

Hello to all those who decided to open my review!

I ordered this set on the official site. It consists of 10 brushes. I don’t remember how much money I paid for the set but now it costs $100.

These are my first "professional" brushes (if that's an appropriate word to use for them). Smile

My opinion expressed here about the set is totally subjective. So if you think different, that’s okay.

First impression:

I can remember how excited I was when I opened the set. I fell for it as all the brushes looked very neat and beautiful. I also didn’t put them at my dressing table at ones, I put them all over the room to enjoy their beauty. Smile


The brushes by Zoeva are famous for being free from shedding. And that’s absolutely true. I can’t say that they don’t shed at all, sometimes there are 2 or 3 hairs that fall out. I wash them once a week in warm water with shampoo. I dry them on a towel, hairs down as to not let the water get into the silver barrel.

And now about each brush separately:

Brush #127 is my favorite! I use it for dry contouring powders and for blush and highlighter applications. The brush is very soft and it blends all the products beautifully on my face.

I give it 5 stars with a +

The next is #101. Most of all I use it to powder my face (it applies the product with the thinnest layer), but sometimes I can also apply other products with it like highlighter, blush or bronzer. This brush is the most shedding one. You need to dry it in a special cover so it will not lose its drop-shaped form. Since I accidentally threw the cover away, I didn’t dry it as needed and the brush became too fluffy and lost its form.

I thought that this one will become my fave, but no. The brush is good, but it’s usual for me and I’m not impressed.

Rate: 4 stars

The next is #102. I like applying mineral powder with it, as it seems as though the brush gets the microparticles into the skin creating such a good skin look. It also applies foundation products beautifully, but still not as great as the sponge by Real Techniques. The cut of this brush is a little bit strange but I won’t take off a star for it, as the final result is always very good.

ATTENTION!!! After a few months of using this set, I understood that this very brush is defective and contacted Zoeva. I wanted to get a discount for my next order but they asked me to send a photo the defective brush. I did it, they contacted me again and said that they couldn’t give me a discount for my next purchase BUT they were ready to send me another #102 brush to replace the defective one! I was so happy! And here it is, after a week of waiting, a new #102 brush arrived and it really has a better cut than my previous one (the photos of the new brush you can find below).

My rate: 5 stars

#142. Concealer buffing brush. I know so many people who are head over heels with this brush. I don’t know. I’m neutral to it. It applies my concealer very well with no streaking or anything else but still no hype from me. I hardly ever use it.

Rate: 4

The next two brushes are #221 and #227. They both are blending brushes. They are very soft and it seems that they blend the products on my eyes themselves. No complaints here! Excellent brushes! The only thing some of you might be a little bit concerned about is: do we actually need both of them in a set? Honestly, I think yes, as I use one for lighter shades and another for darker shades. I like #227 a little bit more, as it’s flatter and it’s more convenient for blending in the crease.

Rates: 5+ and 5

The next brush in the set is #224. One more blending brush. This one is superfluous, I think. It looks like a shaded #221. The brush is badly packed BUT still it blends the products beautifully.

Rate: 4 -

#234. It’s very convenient to use to apply the products on my eyebrow area as well as to apply eyeshadows on the lower lashline. It’s a good brush but it isn’t my favorite.

Rate: 4

#317 My eternal love! It’s an eyelining brush but I use it to apply brow pomade. The brush is thin and the hairs are flexible. The cut is even which makes it irreplaceable for filling in the brows.

Rate: 5+

#231. One more excellent brush. With its help, I like applying the products to the corners on my eyes and apply eyeshadows to the crease. It never scratches my skin! I’m loving it!

Rate: 5+

The clutch bag is of very good quality. The zipper is great and I consider this clutch as the eleventh element of the set, so I rate with 5 stars as well.

Overall, I want to say that I love this set. It simplifies the process of makeup application for me. I always want to experiment with makeup looks and techniques when I look at my brushes. I like the design of them and get aesthetic delight each and every day when I look at them.

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