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Written on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sometimes they release cosmetic products that just blow my mind away, and I don’t even question myself whether I need this or that product or not. The only thing that happens is that my head is shaking and the only words that I can say are “I want it”. It’s so useful to treat yourself, at least sometimes, isn’t it?

My mind was absolutely blown away when I saw the release of the new highlighters by Pat McGrath Labs. It wasn’t just simply blown away, you know, it felt as though it was bombed. Without any further ado I just sat down and ordered this set.


So, my review is of the set in the color Nude.

Packaging. Right here I want to say that (so as not to come back to the theme later), if you’re more into the Guerlain packagings, you won’t like this product. Pat is a dame who doesn’t bother about the outer appearance or the packaging, the only thing she does bother with is the content.

In the sealed package there were thousands of shining sequins. It looked beautiful, but I was freaking out when I had to gather all that stuff after unpacking. Now the sequins are still with me, I'll keep them for Christmas.

On the package with the pigment there was a badly stuck sticker. The package is flimsy, as of some street-end brand and I try to be very careful with it so as not to break it down, as I know that I can.

The brush arrived packed in a regular plastic bag. The bristles were a little bit bent but still okay. There wasn’t any brand logo or engraving, only the sticker and this time it was rather even.

The stick looks great. It’s glossy, black and very sleek. It closes with a click at both sides, and the highlighter itself doesn't touch the rims of the tube.

Let’s start with the Nude Shiny Stick Highlighter + Balm Duo

On one end there’s a highlighter, on the other there’s a clear balm for mixing the textures. Both of these can be used solo as well as mixed with the pigment.

The highlighter has an ephemeral nude-like color without any yellow or pink undertones. It’s really versatile and I can wear it for any occasion.

The clear balm reminds me of a melted wax but on the skin it creates such a beautiful and desired glowing effect from within giving no shimmer or anything. Seriously there isn’t a hint of shimmer anywhere - -in the stick or on my face. Here you can see the clear balm on the left and the highlighter on the right.

The texture allows you to apply the product with fingers as well as right from the stick. It’s very soft, plastic and at the same time it doesn’t flow away, as it may usually happen with many other creamy highlighters.

The highlighter on my face:

The clear balm on my face alone:

But the balm is also for mixing the textures together. You can mix it with the cream highlighter or with a pigment, or even with both of them, as it’s very easy. The warmth of your hands is all that's needed, nothing else. So, there are a lot of options, choose yours depending on your preferences.


In this photo I mixed the clear balm with the stick highlighter and the pigment.

As for the brush- You might question me, what’s it for, if everything is very easy? And I really don’t understand what it’s for either, as all the products blend out nicely even with fingertips.

As for the brush, I can say that it’s a dou-fibre bristled brush of average size. It’s very soft and it doesn’t prick my skin. The brush is undoubtedly good and I’ve already found a use for it, though not with this set.

Iridescent Pink 003 Pigment - this is the very product that made me fall for the set at once.

It’s a pressed-powder pigment infused with sparkling glow that my camera refuses to show, no matter how hard I tried.

Texture. It’s something between powder and creamy texture that is lightweight, soft and bouncy. It’s difficult to describe, as I’ve never seen such a texture before.

Shade. Oh, it’s a dream of any highlight worshiper. It’s stunningly beautiful, or probably the most beautiful pink highlighter that I’ve ever seen. It gives an obvious glow on my face but it doesn’t look vulgar at the same time, as it may usually happen. This product looks stylish and luxurious on my face. This is the very glow that cost a lot, considering the price of the set.

What we have in total:

- pigment

- cream highlighter

- clear nude-like balm

- endless combinations of all the listed above products


In the picture from the left to the right:

Some might take the brush and the balm as a treat or money waste. And I will agree with it but only when it comes to the brush. The balm is fine for me. In my opinion this balm is really something new, something I haven’t met before. It literally allows me to mix a lot of colors, textures and consistencies which makes the set so unique.


Price: $72


How do you find this set? Let’s discuss.


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