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Written on Thursday, March 7, 2019

I fell for this kit once I saw it in a beauty store. There hadn’t been a palette to impress me so much as this one before. The only factor that stopped me from immediate purchase was actually the price of $40 and a small pile of different highlighters at home.


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★ ★ ★ Product description ★ ★ ★

Packaging: it’s a cardboard palette with square refill pans in it. The palette was also wrapped with the same designed paper cover.

There’s no mirror, which is good because the palette is pretty heavy. It has 4 refill pans 7.5g each. This is enough to make up the entire army. Smile


The packaging has the list of ingredients and other helpful info:

Smell: the highlighters are almost unscented but the palette smells of glue or something. That smell hasn’t disappeared even within 3 months of use.

Texture: even though the highlighters are pressed here, they are still very gentle and as though melting when I touch them with my finger. They sit on brushes very nicely.



There are 4 neutrally-toned highlighters, which are dissimilar, so you won’t confuse them.

  • Marshmallow - chameleon and the lightest shade in the palette, which shines with true blue and green-ish notes. It’s infused with some glitter parts as well.

  • Gumdrop - duochrome shade, which shines either pink or beige, depending on the light. It has some chunky shimmering parts to it.

  • Butterscotch - golden highlighter with golden and chunky flecks.

  • Starburst - pink shade without any chunky shimmer. It’s perfect for fair skin-tone because the finish looks smooth and dewy.

Price: $40, though the brand can be found discounted.

The highlighters become really obvious under electric lights. They shine, glow and sparkle. ❤️

Pros (✔) and cons (✖):

✔ All the highlighters can be blended out into a sheer finish or packed to be visible from across the road.

✔They apply well with brushes and my fingers. Patch-free coverage.

✔ They are long-wearing. My skin is dry and they stay on the entire working day of 8 hours.

Honestly, I used to think that the shade Marshmallow would be my favorite because my skin tone is pale and usually I opt for the fairest shades for my makeup. But this shade turned out to be too cool-toned for me. It appears more or less better when I apply it with the thinnest layer. In all other ways, it looks as though I stole it from The Snow Queen. Smile

Gumdrop - this one is an interesting duochrome shade. It shines beautifully with different colors and it’s really light sensitive.

It is beautiful yet still neutral. I don’t welcome it because of all those chunky shimmering bits but I still give it  second place in this palette.


Butterscotch - Aside from the abundance of golden glitter on my face it also gives me a feeling that I’m like a Christmas tree. It appears cheap and vulgar in my makeup, that’s why it’s my least favorite one.

Starburst - this is my love. This is the most neutral pink shade, which is the most wearable out of the entire palette. It doesn’t have any chunky shimmer, and it only makes my skin glowing with health. Smile

I use it on a daily basis. Starburst is perfect for my Cupid’s bow highlighting, as well as for any other face features contouring.


☼☼☼The bottom line: I’m still in love with their texture and the quality of the products. However, I don’t reach this palette often.

My favorite shade Starburst can be easily duped with the affordable highlighter from Maybelline. And the rest aren’t versatile and I think they are for more theme parties.


Sugar Glow Kit from ABH is like a pair of beautiful shoes for me. Seemed too beautiful in the store but stay put at home and I never wear them…

I won’t take off stars because I knew what I was purchasing. I had all the chances to test the palette before buying it. I wish I bought a single refill with my favorite shade because the rest of the palette is useless for me.

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vmash recommends Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit

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