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Written on Friday, August 24, 2018
Pros: easy to wash off, it suits for blending of liquid and dry textures, multi-tasking, safe packaging, soft synthetic bristles, versatile
Cons: no


Sometimes it happens that when buying a makeup brush, I realize that it can be used not only for its directed purpose, but also for some other tasks too. This is exactly what happens when I buy RT brushes, especially their basic collection.

Recently I bought an Expert Concealer Brush, which I’m going to review today.

Right off the bat I want to say that it’s better to buy two brushes at once, if you’re a makeup artist and want to create beautiful and professional makeup looks.

The brush comes with a standard branded box adorned with colorful elements, which indicate this or that brush collection. (In this case the color means that the brush is for face makeup).


The back of the packaging offers all the necessary product info: ingredients, manufacturing country, product description and so on.

The brush has a plastic stand, which safely fixes it inside, keeping it safe and sound till the moment of purchasing. Well, I know that the packaging isn’t the most important aspect of the brush, but still the design plays a role, doesn’t it? Especially when you buy it as a present for your friend or sister.

As all the other brushes from the collection, this one is also done with the same materials.

Bristles - taklon, ferrule - aluminum, handle - soft touch. There’s nothing to add here.


The shape of the concealer Expert Brush is identical to the foundation brush. I’d say that it’s a sort of a small version of it.

It has a dense pack, though the bristles are rather elastic to ensure good blending of the creamy products. The bristles are gathered, that’s why they work softly and show nice blending of all the textures.

By the way, the filaments of the brush are easy to wash off both with a brush cleanser as well as with my face wash. When I wash the brush, its bristles never fall out and are safely fixed. (I’ve never had an accident when my RT brushes broke down or anything). It’s noteworthy that this brush dries out rather quickly. Much quicker than the bigger face brush from the same collection.


So, what’s this brush for and how to use it?

Actually, everything is very simple.

The main purpose of this brush is to blend out concealers. It works well with all the concealer textures, no matter if they are wax-, creamy- or liquid-based due to the soft and nicely packed bristles.

What’s more, the shape of the brush allows me to apply and blend out my concealer in the areas, which are difficult to reach: sides of the nose and inner corners of the eyes.

The brush is also fine to set my corrector over the skin blemishes like acne, for instance. I love using it for dry textured mineral correctors when I don’t use any creamy concealers.

You can find a use for this brush not only for concealer application, but also use it to contour your face features. All the detailed shadow job like nose or eyes contouring can be done beautifully with this tool.



My favorite option is for eye makeup. If you’re looking for an eraser brush to correct makeup boo-boos during blending or just for the eyeshadow application to the crease, then this brush is one of the most successful options here.


Here’s the makeup look I did, which was blended out with this brush. Of course it won’t be able to replace all of your brushes, but it’ll easily apply the base shade, shadow color and transition shades easy-breezy.


I love it when one brush turns out to be so versatile that it can cope with several tasks for me. If you’re a newbie and you’re looking for a starter brush set and you don’t want to splurge on too many brushes, then I highly recommend you look through such multi-tasking tools.

Again I advise you to pay attention to this brush collection from RT, including this very brush as well, which is rightfully considered to be one of the most multi-functional from the brand.

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