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Written on Thursday, June 7, 2018
Pros: excellent application, good packaging, good quality of the product, perfect shades

In pursuit of beauty, girls are ready to try out all means existing, because we all want to look attractive. Unfortunately I don’t look perfect and usually I have to use contouring techniques in my makeup to make my face features either pop, or on the contrary make them sculpted.


This is why I use this Contour Cream Kit Light by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS.


Expertly sculpt and define your features with these highly blendable shades. A cream version of the cult-favorite original Contour Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills, they come in Light to Deep kits to match all skin tones.




The palette was packed with a cardboard package at first. The design is simple, yet still very classy looking: matte black color with golden and silver letters.


On the back of the palette they state the name of every shade, depending on its place on the refill pan. It’s very handy if you’re looking for a particular shade in a store for instance.



The palette itself is made of a thick and good quality black plastic. The cover is transparent for us to see the shades at a glance. The product clicks shut with magnets.

I have the fairest version of the palette, which is called Light. But there are also more deep-toned palettes which are Deep and Medium/Tan.


All in all there are 6 refill pans in the palette: 3 upper shades are actually highlighters and 3 lower shades are for contouring. All the refills can be easily taken out, which is brilliant, because you’ll easily change the used up refills with brand new ones. Or you can always buy the shades of your liking and fill them into your palette, creating an individual color. By the way, the refills are pretty easy to get out, all you need to do is to pick them up with your nail and that’s it. It won’t be a problem to put them back, as the magnets will do everything for you.

A best-selling set of three highlights and three contour shades in one must-have kit. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit to sculpt, define, and enhance bone structure and features.



  • Full name: Contour Cream Kit Light


  • Shade: Light

  • Country of origin: the USA

  • Skin type: the product flatters all the skin types

  • Price: $40




Thick, creamy, utterly pleasant and very convenient to use. One use doesn’t require a lot of the product formula at all.

You can apply the shades with any technique you want, because the application is very easy and the products are difficult to overdo. There are no woes left behind like streaks or patches. The blending is absolutely fuss-free and the colors always look so natural on the skin that they can be barely detectable on my face at all.


All the shades are nicely pigmented, which is a huge advantage, especially when you want to create daytime and natural looking makeups. As for the evening makeups, here you’ll have to pick up a little bit more of the formula and that’s it. Your face will become fully contoured and sculpted.


Smooth, highly blendable formula with satin finish

Create the illusion of higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose, softer jawline, or smaller forehead

Available in 4 shades


Shades: All the shades are matchy and they are so versatile, they will easily flatter cool- as well as warm-toned gals. All the shades are matte, they have no hint of a shimmer to them or anything else.

#1 Fair - it’s the fairest shade from the palette for highlighting.

#2 Neutral - it’s pinky-toned and when I blend it out it easily adjusts to my skin color.

#3 Banana - it’s yellow and I use it to conceal my under eye dark circles.

#4 Java is perfect blending-wise and it creates a beautiful and gentle shadow effect on my skin.

#5 Light Sculpt- I do my cheekbones with it.

#6 Havana - this color is a perfection for my hair line.


Dark shades here are actually a staple of the palette. The most important thing is to use the right shade, which should be only 1 or 2 tones darker than your natural skin color. In this palette there are 3 dark shades and all of them are pretty versatile and can be used either in winter as well as summer times when my skin is tanned.


You can always mix some colors from the palette to get a unique shade which will flatter your skin tone perfectly well. That is a great option for makeup artists, I think.


How to use:


If I were to describe the contouring technique, I’d say that the main point is to darken or on the contrary, highlight particular face features with the help of trick of the light and adding some shadow to make the face look more voluminous and sculpted.

If you follow all the contouring steps, then you’ll make you face look thinner of a right oval shape with beautiful cheekbones, cut chin and tiny nose.


One more important thing is not to overdo the products you use, because the finish must look natural and lively.



I apply the fair shade with a wide and flat brush over my under eyes and cheeks close to the sides of my nose. Then I do my nose with the darker shade and outline dark stripes from the bridge of nose to its tip. Please, make sure that your line looks straight and even.



Cheekbones- They are the main characters in the contoring game. I place a brush handle that way, so as it joins my ear, corner of the lips and then I suck in my cheeks. I do my cheekbones with the darker shade, placing the maximum of the color under the apples of my cheeks.


I always blend light and dark shades very properly to get the maximum of a natural-looking finish. And with this palette it’s as easy as breathing, because the blending is fuss-free and it doesn’t leave any streaks or stains behind. My face looks super natural with the products on.

I guess this makeup will be great for daytime wear, and for the evening going out I can always add some more pigment and layer the colors.



You can also use this palette not only for its directed use, but also fit it into your eye makeup.




  • all the shades go a very long way. The palette will be sufficient to use for years. Besides, if you find yourself with one of the shades used up, don’t forget that you can always repurchase refills separately.

  • The handy magnet palette looks beautiful and I know that it’s of good quality.

  • The staying power of the creams is fantastic. They can stay on my skin the entire day and I don’t even have to touch-up. The products don’t crease during wear.

  • The blending is amazeballs. Since I’m a newbie, this is very important for me. The products from the palette are difficult to overdo and they blend out so nicely that they don’t even leave any hints of stains or any other doo-doo.

  • All the colors are matte and they keep any oily shine at bay, evening out my skin relief. All the shades are perfect, versatile and will definitely flatter everybody.

  • They are nice to pick up with a brush, as well as mix up together, creating a unique and very beautiful individual shade.

  • You can also use the palette for your eye makeup as eyeshadows. The formula doesn’t highlight fine lines and doesn’t settle in crevices or crease, even if you have oily eyelids.



Washing off: It isn’t necessary to buy a special product for these colors. Any makeup remover will actually wash them off nicely. I use a cleansing oil.


Contour Cream Kit Light by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS will be a discovery for both - newbies, as well as for the experienced makeup artists. The blending is so easy-breezy that there are never any stains or patches left.

The products from the palette look super natural over my skin. This is why I highly recommend the palette for you and give it a solid 5 stars.

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