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Written on Friday, November 17, 2017

Hello beautiful ladies!

For ages I tried to stay away from the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows simply because I didn't like the red colors on my eyes. But once I had a chance to do my make up with the Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette I immediately regretted that I haven’t tried it before. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow palette is the most popular and hyped eyeshadow palette at the moment. If you open YouTube or Instagram you’ll see thousands of makeup looks done with this very palette.

And now I want to share my opinion about this product with you.

The packaging is made of carton but a very thick and good quality carton and is no way lighter than the palettes made of plastic. It’s so soft and pleasant to the touch that I have an impression that I touch plain silk. Of course the palette would look muddy and weary over time, as it’s of baby pink color.

The palette consists of 14 colors - 2 shimmer shades, 2 satin and 10 mattes.

All the colors are very soft and since I’m more into well pressed and hard eyeshadows textures (like of Urban Decay for instance), it was rather hard for me to get used to their texture.

The positive side of such texture is that you won’t have to dip your brush in the pan a lot of times as from the first go you’ll have enough of the shadow on the brush.


These eyeshadows are dusty but not critically. They dust no more than any other eyeshadows in my collection. I haven’t tried the scandalously infamous Subculture palette which is told to be super dusty but I conclude that the eyeshadows in the new АВН Prism palette are equally as dusty as the Modern Renaissance palette.

The pigmentation of the products by АВН is just cosmic! And this applies to all the colors! These are the most pigmented products I’ve ever tried. When I swatched the colors for the first time I was shocked by the pigmentation. Of course I knew that the colors would be great, but I didn’t expect them to be so great.

During application the fallout is minimum. I like how easy the blending is as well as no need to layer the products. Over a primer the eyeshadows stay put till the moment I wash my makeup off and I always wear eyeshadows over a primer.

There was a two-sided brush included which I actually didn't like, even though it seems to be of good quality. On the one side, the brush is flat and synthetic and on the other it’s fluffy and synthetic as well.

Let’s have a closer look at the colors of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette:

From the left to the right:

Tempera, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze.

Tempera - is a faint green matte color with some spare silver micro shimmer to it.

Golden Ochre - matte orche-golden color

Vermeer - pinky pearl metallic shade

Buon Fresco - cool-toned gray-lilac matte shade

Antique Bronze - russes satin color

From the left to the right:

Love Letter, Cyprus Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Primavera.

Love Letter - matte orchid-raspberry hue

Cyprus Umber - matte dark brown color which is ultra pigmented

Raw Sienna - matte beigy sand shade

Burnt Orange - matte beige orange hue

Primavera - fair golden shimmer shade

From the left to the right:

Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Warm Taupe, Realgar.

Red Ochre - matte rusty red color

Venetian Red - red crimson slightly satin color

Warm Taupe - matte warm-toned earthy hue

Realgar - matte dark orange shade

The shade selection is huge even though all of them somehow seem to be different shades of red.

With the АВН Modern Renaissance you can create many day and evening makeup looks. Very often I use the products from this palette to deepen my outlet V’s and blending.

Armor color from the Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box is applied on my upper and lower lid and Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance are used as transition colors.

I also decided to compliment the look with a pink highlighter to the inner corners from the palette Lime Crime Hi-Lite Opals.

Lounge shade from the Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box is in the center of my mobile lid + Red Ochre in the outer corners and Golden Ochre and Burnt Orange by Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance for blending. + some golden highlighter from the palette Lime Crime Hi-Lite Opals.

Here is Love Letter applied all over the mobile lid, Cyprus Umber is applied to the outer corners and lower lashline, with the help of Golden Ochre and Burnt Orange I did some blending and applied some Vermeer to my inner corners of the eyes.

Here I applied the Vermeer, Antique Bronze, Red Ochre and Cyprus Umber to the inner and outer corners of my eyes and did the same on the lower lid. Then I blended these colors with the Buon Fresco and added Vermeer hue to the inner corners of the eyes.

To my entire mobile lid I applied a mixture of Antique Bronze and Cyprus Umber and then did the same on the lower lashline. In the crease as well as the transition color I used the Venetian Red, Realgar and Raw Sienna on my lower lids.

To the inner corners I applied a combination of Vermeer and Primavera.

The inner and outer corners are done with the Venetian Red and Realgar colors, the blending done is with the Warm Taupe and Vermeer in the center of my lid + Cyprus Umber and Realgar to the lower lashline.

This makeup but in the total look and falsies

I presume that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow palette has become my favorite. I like everything about it, starting from the outer design and finishing with the texture, pigmentation and colors. All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised with the АВН palette, and from now on, I follow their Instagram so I don't miss the release of any new palettes. And I’m also planning to buy some mono packed eyeshadows by the brand too!

Price of the palette: $42

Thanks for reading my post! Have a nice shopping spree! Smile

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Annitr recommends Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

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