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Written on Wednesday, September 27, 2017



Today I’m gonna write about mascaras, namely about the theBalm Cheater Mascara.


I’ll come straight to the point, then Wink

Product details:



Cheater! is a fabulously volumizing mascara enriched with Panthenol, which strengthens and conditions your lashes. The spiral brush gives you the look of dramatic, faux lashes without the extra work. Its non-clumping, buildable formula allows for additional coats at any point in the day, or to dress up your lashes for a big night out.


The manufacturer is confident in statements about their brainchild, as always. Well, let’s see whether the mascara lives up to the expectations or not Wink




The packaging is creatively designed, the prints on the cardboard box and the tube itself are utterly conceptual and remind you of the 50s.



Inside of the box there is a plastic tube with pictures repeating images on the cardboard package:



In general, the guys from theBalm are truly creative Smile




The statements about the mascara being sulphate and paraben-free are encouraging, and let’s that really panthenol?



PRICE: about 18 USD.


Weight: 5,7 g. The stopper prevents you from getting the extra amount of the product out of the tube. To achieve the desired effect on the eyelashes, it is enough to dip the brush in the tube two times. Well, if I mentioned it, then ....




The mascara has a large brush (spiral, conical, non-silicone):



Given its impressive size, there is an undeniable advantage - you quickly paint over all the eyelashes, and the makeup takes less time.


But, of course, you can’t have the sweet without the sour. If you are ham-handed (like me: D) - the probability of staining your eyelids is too damn high.


Anyway, in case of staining do not rush to the cotton buds and do not try to fix the flaws on the eyelid: let the mascara dry, then it can easily be shaken off (it will fall off, I give you my word).


Personally I find the brush pretty convenient, both when I have to apply one or multiply coats (the latter happens quite rarely, though)


COLOR Range:


Mascara is available as a single shade, which is black. Although it is declared as coal-dramatically black, in my opinion - it's just a good, moderately rich black (without the hints of gray and brown). Soft-coal, I’d say.




My eyelashes:


☑ have a slightly above average length,


☑ average thickness (most of the lashes on the lower eyelid simply fell out and never grew back.)


Despite the fact that now I’m talking about voluminous mascara, I prefer using the lengthening ones. It is hard to overdo with them, as it often happens with voluminous mascaras, and get a cemetery of ugly spider's legs instead of eyelashes.


But this time I chose I the voluminous mascara, since that packing violently promised the effect of lengthening as well.


On the eyelashes:


Applied in one layer, the mascara gives a neat look, providing length and volume:


The eyelashes are really flexible, maybe due to the panthenol in the ingredients. The mascara doesn’t crumble and applies quickly. Usually, that’s enough for me. But if you like the dramatic effect on your eyelashes (and you are no arachnophobe), then it is recommended to apply mascara in 2 layers. I do so very rarely, I admit that, because in my opinion, the second layer is a bit too much, take a look yourself:




Although, it might be truly appropriate for evening makeups, especially combined with dark-colored smokey eyes.


Lasting power:


Now I’ll be merciless and take the star off.


Within the first 4-4,5 hours after application, the mascara looks quite cheerfully on the eyelashes: it doesn’t fall out or stain the lid. However, later the eyelashes start clumping together. It looks awful, plus the mascara falls out from the lower eyelashes.


Therefore, it’s rather B minus than C plus.


It takes some effort to remove the mascara Laughing out loud


To completely remove it, I wash it off twice with a make-up remover and face wash with foam. Maybe it's because of the wax in the ingredients? Or is the panthenol guilty again? : D


To buy or not to buy, that’s the question.


I like this mascara. Despite its shortcomings, which I mentioned above, I think that the product is quite worthy of your attention. Moreover, it is impossible to find a mascara perfect in all respects. If you know one - I will be grateful if you tell me about it in the comment section below.


I say yes to the Cheater Mascara and recommend it!

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Papatya recommends The Balm Cheater! Mascara

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