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Written on Thursday, September 7, 2017
Pros: easy to blend, quality, staying power, versatile
Cons: no light matte color

Hello and welcome to my review!

Only a deaf person didn’t hear about theBalm brand. It’s famous for its good quality products and thanks to YouTube, of course.

Recently, I was watching videos where girls were opening their theBalm palettes and saying only positive things about them. For a long time I hesitated and didn’t dare to buy one for myself. And the reason for that was quite obvious - the price. I know that a good quality product is usually worth a lot, but still I kept asking myself one and the same question: “Do I really need this palette?”

Until one day when I was walking in the local department store and I saw the “Sale” sign. And this is the short story about how I purchased this palette.

When I was at the store, I came to theBalm corner and for a very long time couldn’t make up my mind which of the palettes to buy. It gets so difficult sometimes to be a girl. Laughing out loud

I swatched all the eyeshadow palettes that were there and finally concluded that I liked the Nude Tude one most of all.

So, let’s move onto the review of the the palette Smile


In my opinion the palette has a divine design! theBalm company keeps providing us with beautiful and cute packaging of their products. A huge thank you, theBalm. The palette is ergonomic and is made of a good quality cardboard. It opens easily thanks to a magnet.

On the palette the naming is imprinted on it as well as the logo of the brand. But the most beautiful is the background. It’s so cute and harmonious. I can clearly see the designer’s job here. I like the palette’s design very much. On the back side of the palette they show us a picture with shades, brush, ingredients and QR code.

Opening the palette… we face a big mirror which makes the palette so handy during travel.

As for travelling, the palette is thin and compact like a small book, so it won’t take up much room in your suitcase.

The inside the palette looks as gorgeous as the outside. The beautiful ladies with covered body parts meet us here. They are naked yet nothing’s shown. Smile A small brush is included in the set which is also handy during travel or even everyday use. Even though I have a lot of good quality and expensive brushes, I do use this one too, as it works well with these eyeshadows.

The brush for blending is placed on the one end of the two-sided brush. I use it to line the lower lash line.

I use the brush from the other side if I want to line my eyes with a thicker wing.

The refills are placed in the unusual order which definitely catches your attention. The colors are ranged from fair ones to the darkest. In total there are 12 hues, 4 of them are matte, 1 with glitter, 5 satin and 2 I’d say shiny ones.

Let’s stop our attention on the girls:

Sassy and Snobby

is the girl with red hair which is covered with two satin hues. One of them is white and another is yellowish-golden hue. These hues are well pigmented with a good color payoff on the hand as well as on the eyes. I mix these two and get a perfect mixture to set my eyeshadow base. They go for a light matte color for me, since there’s none in the palette. And that’s the only negative I can say about this product.

Stubborn and stand-offish

One more beautiful girl this time with fair hair. She has the colors that are of satin texture. The upper one is my fave by the way. The first color is gentle and peachy-pink, while the second one is peachy but glowy.

Selfish and sultry

Giddy young girl with a chestnut head. She is covered with satin and matte colors. The Selfish is an interesting brown color with small glitters. The Sultry is a warm brown hue. Both are very pleasant and easy to work with.

Sophisticated and seductive

The blondy. I think she is more modest in comparison with all the listed above, according to the names of her tablets.

Beautiful chocolate and dark golden colors team together nicely.

They are soft in texture and pleasant to take on the brush. But, they dust a lot. How can you avoid this problem? Very easily. Just shake off the excess pigment from the blush and viola, you can apply them and be sure that your makeup will stay neat and clean.

Sexy and silly

Despite being silly, this babe can boast with two interesting colors. Matte eggplant color and chocolate with simmer. By the way, all the matte colors in the palette are of a very good quality. They are easy to apply and blend. They don’t stain my eyes or turn them into mud.

The Silly hue can be applied over any dark ones. I wouldn’t advise you to apply it solo.

Serious and sleek

Well, this one is the most modest in the palette. She hides behind the black and chocolate hues’ refills.

I usually use these colors to line my lash line or to darken any other hue from the palette.

Well, you may say that all the hues look good on the swatches, but let’s test them on the eyes?Smile


I’ll show you my two most favorite make-up looks I adore.

# 1 (When I have a little bit more time for make-up)

1. Apply your favorite primer or eyeshadow base on your eyes.

This will help you to even out the eyelid color and conceal the smallest blood vessels and dark spots.

2. Mix the colors of the first girl on the left, shake off the excess of the hues and apply onto the entire eyelid. Blend out thoroughly. You need that to make the hues stay on longer and blend better.

3. Apply the Sultry hue on the brush and define the crease blending down on the lower lid.

So, you get the resemblance of natural shadow.

4. Apply the Sleek hue and mix all the colors together.

5. Apply my favorite color Stubborn all over the mobile lid.

6. Line the lower lash line with Serious hue.

7. Apply some mascara and make-up #1 for daily wear is ready. Everything is very easy. Do you like it?Smile


Make-up look #2 when there’s no time for make-up.

Believe me, once you get used to working with these eyeshadows, this make-up will take you no longer than a minute.

1. Repeat the first three steps from the first make-up look.

4. Apply the Sleek color along the lower lash line

5. Add some mascara on the eyelashes and you are ready to go.

Well, my review turned out huge. I tried to describe everything as detailed as possible. If you have any questions left, please ask them in the comments below. Smile


The bottom line:

I’m very impressed with this palette.

It’s pleasant to hold in your hand and pleasant to work with. The hues are all beautiful and of good quality. You can create any make-up look - daily (as I showed) and an evening one by adding any dark color to the outer corner and a bright eyeliner.

I definitely recommend buying theBalm Nude Tude Palette.


Thank you very much for your attention Smile

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