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Written on Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Pros: a little bit goes a long way, comfort wear, non-drying
Cons: it doesn't cover my dark under eyes, the color doesn't suit me

Hello all the even skin tone lovers, today we’ll speak exactly about it.

For the last 9 months, 95% of the time I was using this very concealer, so my opinion about it is already profound and final.

It’s a very contradictory product for me and, unfortunately, some cons of it can’t cancel out all the pros that I have been trying to find about this concealer.


I don’t demand a lot from my cosmetics, my skin isn’t breaking out and I can’t say that I recklessly try to hide any occasional pimples on my face, especially with a concealer. For me, the most important thing about my foundation and a concealer is to smooth out my skin tone and that’s all.

About my skin

Usually, my makeup routine goes round making my skin tone even and beautiful. You see, my skin color is really pale and I have dark under eye circles.

Inter-seasonal use

I don’t like having a lot of cosmetic products, so buying any new one, I want it to last a long time. Currently, I’m still patient enough to keep on using this concealer, so we’ll see how long I’ll manage to use it. For the last 9 months, I’ve been using it almost daily and I have to tell you that the product got into different weather conditions with me. That’s why I can highlight the only advantage of it - the concealer shows a good wear time. It lived through snow, snow flurries, rain, heavy rain and many other unstated spring weather conditions as well as summer heat. Oh yes, and my tears of course. I usually washed off the same amount of the concealer that I applied in the morning. However, each time it was rather tricky to apply it well.


So now, let’s talk about the disadvantages:

1. It was a rare occasion when I could finally apply this concealer with an even layer. It isn’t pigmented enough to cover all the brown pigment on my pale skin. That’s why only a powder can save the situation and pull this product up to a 4-star rating.

2. I can’t comment upon creasing since I don’t have any fine lines.

3. In my book, the price doesn’t live up to the quality. I have some concealers which are two times less pricey and work much better than this hyped best-selling product.

4. I have it in the fairest shade in the line - Lighter than Light. And it seems dark over me. I mean my powder still evens out this discoloration, but my skin is definitely lighter than this product.


How to apply

The maker also included a sponge for the application. But, unfortunately, I didn’t even have a chance to test it, since I lost it somewhere. Yet still, I believe that it was rather useless.

Most frequently I use my fingertips for the concealer application. I find this technique the most convenient and as effective as if I was using a concealer brush to apply it.


Even if you still decide to use a brush, then you’ll have to blend the product out with your fingers anyway, to even out the thick coverage. Currently, I haven’t come up with a third way of application, which might become a game changer for this concealer.



Surprisingly enough the concealer is rather big in size - 7.5g, given that its shelf life is only 24 months after opening.

The spending is minimal and I think that it’ll go endlessly long.

Overall thoughts

I tried my best to justify the 4 stars for this product, but I still can’t make out for what.

The staying power, okay, it’s true, the product is long-wearing. But it isn’t the main thing about a concealer for me. I’ll keep on using this product since it isn’t the worst that I’ve tried, though I still doubt that I'll ever change my opinion about it.

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