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Written on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Greetings, guys!


Recently news came upon the beauty community with a shock: the BeautyBlender brand, which released their hyped sponge also comes with their own foundation. I'll be damned! A foundation! Bounce Liquid Whip Long-Wear Foundation.


A few days after the release, I went to visit our local Sephora and decided to come across the BeautyBlender stand. At the same time I agreed with myself that if there was that foundation present, I would definitely swatch it, but would never buy. Coming to the stand I found out that the foundation wasn’t there, which meant no temptation for me. But here I saw a sales boy and I don’t know how it happened but I accidentally asked him whether they had already received the foundation. And the boy said that they had already gotten it, yet not displayed in the sales hall. He immediately dragged me to the procedure for a device selection of the right foundation for my skin and within some time he said that the device stated that the Bounce foundation would be perfect for me. After that, he offered that I take a look at the product. Okay, I was half way done and there were no chances to retreat, right. I asked him to bring 2-3 of the fairest shades and within 5 minutes I was already looking at all those shades applied over my skin.

There weren't any shades to flatter my skin type 100% at that moment.

1.1 was too dead white for me.

1.3. was too yellow and warm-toned.

1.2 was more or less good, though it had a more pink undertone, which I wanted, even though I was still tanned.

One would think, stand up and go away. But I pointed to the shade 1.2 and asked the boy to carry it to the cashier…


Currently, there are 32 shades in the collection.

Price - $40

Size - 30 ml

Made in Italy.


Product says:

Developed with a first to market high-speed HyperWhip™ process, this silky smooth formula is whisked into a light as air texture for unparalleled blendability - no pro skills required. Infused with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich white birch extract, your complexion is both perfected and protected. Form meets function in BOUNCE’s unique packaging, a special reservoir on the bottle allows anyone to apply and blend like a pro.

❇️ The product offers a rather unusual packaging: on the one side it’s a massive matte glass, but on the other, it’s plastic with a hole, which really reminds me of the egg sponge. The maker’s idea was that the compact would dispense the foundation into that hole, which is perfect for picking up with a sponge. After that, you can easily start bouncing it all over your face.

The idea is interesting, though in my book it’s ill-treated. If only the foundation would get into that hole right away. But it goes down around the dispenser and it isn’t good at all. It’s such a pain in the ass to get it out then. You can also dispense the foundation over your sponge of course but then it’ll eat up too much of it, which is so prodigal, especially considering the price of the product.


❇️ The product is really light-weight texture-wise. Really, it feels like whipped cream.

❇️ I like the way it distributes, allowing me to apply it with the thinnest layer.

I tried to apply this product with my fingers, a sponge and a brush.

I didn’t like the outcome with my fingers at all. The foundation settled into my pores and was really tricky to blend out them.

I didn’t like a regular makeup brush application either. But I was impressed with the results when I used the Cailyn Wow brush. I even like it more than the sponge application. This is not to say that the results look different or anything but the brush is really quicker and easier to work with.

And of course the sponge application...

You can see the results in the photos. Well, these two aren’t created for each other.


❇️ The product in action.

About my skin. It is aging and oily.

BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation + BeautyBlender Sapphire

And I start bouncing…

Nothing to say here from me. I guess you can see what face part is covered with the foundation.

At the same time, the product does look natural over my skin, given that it gives good coverage (I didn’t use a concealer there):

One layer of the product renders a velvet finish to my skin, diminishing pores and evening out my complexion. I applied the foundation over my nude skin. I hadn’t worn any primers or skin-improvements.

And this is how the product looks with my makeup on. The power of makeup in action. Smile


Within 2 months of use, I can list the following advantages and disadvantages of the product:


✅ If your skin is oily, then a powder is a must for you with this foundation. Otherwise, the product will start disappearing and dissolving within 3-4 hours. If you set it with a powder then it has all the chances to stay put up to 8-10 hours.

✅ It applies with the thinnest layer, hence it has low spending. You can build up the coverage, but don’t be carried away. If you apply too much, then you’ll see an unpleasant mess of oil and foundation patches on your skin.

✅ If you don’t apply much, it’ll definitely look like your second skin.

✅ It doesn’t dry out my skin or clog pores. No allergic reactions.

✅ It doesn’t stain my phone.

✅ The formula is rather pliant and it doesn’t set at once, which is so great when I have some time to smear and blend out the foundation. The next build-up layer doesn’t break up the previously applied one.


⛔️ It isn’t a product to apply over your under eye area. It accentuates fine lines (have a look at the photo above).

⛔️ If you applied too much, then it’s better to wash it off before leaving your house.

⛔️ Currently they don’t have a perfect shade for me in the collection.

⛔️ The lasting power isn’t for 24 hours. Honestly, I didn’t even expect that. It’s already good for me if the product stays on for 3-4 hours over my oily skin.

⛔️ The price isn’t budget-friendly.


And despite all that negative things that I listed, I still sincerely love this product. I use it with great pleasure almost every day.


Since I can’t assess it with half stars, so choosing between 4 and 5, I deem I’ll still give it 4. Even though 4.5 stars would be more objective.


Thanks for your attention and see you in my next reviews!

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