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Written on Monday, September 10, 2018

Hello pretty ladies! Smile

Do you have any makeup products which you sometimes love and sometimes hate? And this always goes round and round.

This is exactly what I experience using this Caron powder. I've had it in my collection for more than three years already and only now I dared to write a review of it when I have finally gotten the final impression of it.

Meet the Caron Poudre Libre:

As for the packaging, well, nothing to say here, high-end cream with the story of the Caron house. It’s known that the powder was first released in 1939 and still it’s considered to be one of the best.

The design is chic. It’s a real gem for my vanity. Beauty in details - metal casing, removable lid, and a puff. But is it all convenient?

Well, first of all, the package is easy to scratch. Not so much as almost the same priced Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick, yet still possible.

Secondly, the puff. It’s awful. Big and fluffy adorned with the branded ribbon, but why the hell did I splurge on it? Quality-wise, it reminds me of a torn teddy bear. The main job for it is to be a protective liner between the powder and the top lid, nothing more, even though I know that some people still manage to apply the powder with it.

The third is that foolish sifter. It does its job right, but come on, for the price that the product costs, I guess the sifter has all the rights to look differently. It’s just a netting with a piece of cardboard.

Size - 30g.

Made in France

Expires within 18 months of opening

The ingredients for the interested ones:

Well, I’ve already scolded it a little, so now it’s time to mention the good aspects of the powder.

After all these years of use, I can say it for sure that I love this powder. It has something to be loved for.

The grain is the finest, hence the powder is as lightweight as a veil. Due to that fact, the powder shows a lot of dusting, but it doesn’t still mean that it covers my knees each time I use it.

I can’t say that it’s the gentlest or the silkiest by touch, but still, if you rub it between your fingers, you’ll feel that powder texture. By the way, I don’t feel it present on my skin at all.

The aroma is potent here and isn’t pleasant to my nose, but I’m used to it already. It smells like a Bulgarian rose, which signifies that the aroma hasn’t been changed since 1939.

There are only two versions of the Caron powders: Les Transparentes for a dry/normal skin and semi-sheer coverage and Les Classiques for a combo/oily skin type with a good coverage. I have the second version which ensures better coverage.

I don’t use this powder as a foundation, as I don’t get enough coverage from it, so I use it as a lightweight veil to set my makeup.

The powder gives lightweight coverage (of course if I use a brush and not a sponge for its application) and it seamlessly blurs my pores away. The finish is matte with a hint of a light satin finish. It looks so lively and natural. The mattifying effect is average - 3-4 hours. But it’s an excellent powder for setting my makeup.

Both lines of the powder provide us with a good color selection. I have my powder in the shade Invisible. It’s a medium-light, not whitening, neutrally toned shade.

Here’s my skin only with a foundation on, which has a glossy finish.

With the Caron power on, applied with a lightweight coat with the help of a fluffy brush.

We have a very long story of relationships with the Caron Poudre Libre which luckily has a happy ending. I can’t call this powder the best or perfect, but I still usually reach for it, even though my collection of powders includes such exemplars as Chanel, MUFE, By Terry, Becca, La Mer, Hourglass and so on. I love this product for the lightest coverage, beautiful skin finish and an endless amount.

But is it worth $70 that it’s priced nowadays? I guess it isn’t. If you’re a makeup junkie and you adore cosmetics with a history, then you can buy it during a sale. If you need a frills-free powder, then there are many others which are more affordable price-wise and easier to find.

Price: $70

Thanks for your attention! Stay beautiful and have a pleasant shopping day! Wink

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Annitr recommends Caron Poudre Libre Loose Powder

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