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Written on Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Pros: doesn't bleed, easy to apply, enjoyable to wear, moisturizing texture, quite long-lasting, washes off with micellar water easily
Cons: cheap-looking tubes

Hi beauties!

Act 1. Opening.

To start off, I got a gift card at work. That very day I went shopping with this card in my greedy hands.

I can’t help trying new products as most of other girls, so I got attracted to the Clinique Pick Your Party set. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of their skincare products, but I’m OK with their cosmetics.

At first I was hooked by a vibrant packaging that was deliciously raspberry-red.

Catching the tired sales-assistant I asked her to help me test it. As a result, I liked how these lipsticks looked on me.

Act 2. Midpoint.

On coming home, the first thing I did was that I washed my face, had dinner and unpacked the set with these babes. So, first things first:


The lipsticks come in a quality raspberry-red metal case with a paper pamphlet with the product description on it.


The lipplies are housed in very simple and I would even say plain plastic tubes that scratch and wear off very quickly. As a result they look unattractive. So, they obviously cut corners on the tubes.

Some product deets:

Volume: 5 lipsticks with 3.8 g each.

Country: Canada

Unfortunately, I’m not good at ingredients, so I attach a photo for you:


The set comes with 5 shades.

Here are the swatches of each lipstick:

Now let’s go through each of them:

1. Merry: It looks like a classy red tone in a case.

But it’s cherry-red on my lips:

2. Bright: It seems to me that it’s a traditional pink and such a girlish color.

On my lips:

3. Joy: It’s a trendy plum. I think it’s not for casual wear, but the hue is exciting.

And on my lips:

4. Cheer: It’s very bright and close to orange-red.

On my lips:

5. Happy: It’s a nude pink that is quite suitable for everyday use.

How it looks on me:

The texture and application.

The texture of the lipstick is very nice, creamy and moisturizing. It doesn’t dry out my lips at all.

It applies effortlessly, plus it’s easy to correct when you make blunders.

It doesn’t leave any gaps. More than that, it’s highly pigmented and the payoff is really decent in the first go.

Wear time.

It wears around 4-5 hours on me. It won’t probably survive a meal, but it’s OK with snacks and coffee. Checked myself.

By the way, it does leave stains. It neither bleeds nor sets into my lip lines. The finish is matte.

Also, the lipstick is easy to remove with a micellar water.

Act 3. Climax.

Under the bottom line:

There are rarely lipsticks that are so comfortable and enjoyable to wear and easy to apply. Yeah, they don’t really last long, but the manufacturer didn’t say they would. The only thing they mentioned was that the product is moisturizing. The colors are relatively muted, but bright shades are also present here.

The only gripe I have about this set is the tubes. They look low-cost, plus they scratch too quickly.

I recommend you try this set!

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Pan_Mary recommends Clinique Pick Your Party Set Lipstick

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