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Written on Friday, August 17, 2018

The ColourPop brand is mostly beloved for their incredible eyeshadows. Looking through their website I picked up a palette which seemed to be ideal for me. I also added some lip products to the cart and their hyped concealers as well. But here an accident happened. Smile

When I received my order, the very first item that I unpacked was the eyeshadow palette. I was surprised to see my long-desired cool-toned nude shades looking so… yellow… “What a color rendition!” - I thought. But later on I found out that they just confused the palettes and instead of my Fame palette they sent me the Fortune palette, which I didn’t even look at while ordering, because I thought that the shades there weren’t my cup of tea at all.

Of course I was disappointed. I wrote to the website support and within 3 days they willingly sent me a coupon par value with the palette for the next purchase and now I understand that I received one palette for free! Smile

I can even say that we made friends with it. But all in all, I’m still planning to buy the Fame palette another day. ^_^

Price: $22

The palette offers 16 eyeshadow colors, mostly warm-toned. Now we’ll have a more thorough look at each of them. Smile

Cream - the gentlest golden satin beige. This one is amazing and one of my favorite from this palette. It isn’t whimsical and really soft.

Ben - matte pastel peach. If you have fair skin, then it might look too bold over you, but it’ll flatter blue eyes so nicely.

Mo Problems - one more truly matte shade, which is brown with red undertones. I don’t know why but I can’t describe it. On the official site they describe it as “camel”. Well, maybe. Smile No problems with it either, easy to blend and apply.

Oracle - one more fave of mine. Smile It’s a satin and unbelievably beautiful shade, which looks more cool-toned on my skin. Such a gentle frosted gold. I’m head over heels with how it looks on my eyes.

Stacks - this one looks like a tightly pressed glimmer of copper color. The swatch shows its chunky bits, but still on my eyes it looks like a foiled unit. It’s nice to apply. Naturally it goes dusty, which is applicable to all the foiled eyeshadows from this palette.

Racks - this one is the same in terms of characteristics. The only difference is in the pink shade, which prevails here.

Wiser - the cutest matte fair salmon shade. It’s nice to compliment my everyday make-up. It’s also absolutely fuss-free (the difficult shades are waiting for us below).

Miser - really unusual and the most glamorous shade from the entire palette. Terracotta-based with green-blue-purple foiled bits, such a duochrome color. It was tricky to catch those flecks on my eyes with the camera, but in life it looks wonderful.

Nouveau - pure gold as it is. I’m in love with this shade. But my problem is that I don’t know how to fit it into my makeup. Smile

Riche - matte true red orange. This one is very saturated with pigment, hence it’s bright. (I applied it with a thin layer on my eyes)

500 - mauve rustic berry shade. This one is a little bit more tricky to apply, as it doesn’t want to sit evenly.

Trave - matte dark fuchsia shade. The application is fuss-free. But the shade itself isn’t for me. It just isn’t wearable for me. Smile

Money Trees - also one of the most favorite ones. It’s stunning! Deep bronze with specks of purple tiny foils. It’s a to die for color when I see how it appears on my eyelids.

Fortunate - matte brown with some red and purple undertones. Here I also can’t find the right words for it. Smile Blue eyes look super blue with this shade on.

Jackpot - metallic red-violet. It’s also very soft, as all the same glistening shades. It’s such a pleasure to apply them, you know.

And the last one is Strike It. My least favorite. Smile:)Smile It’s a saturated matte plum color, that is so challenging for me. It seems to be less packed with the pigment than the others, which is why it requires a lot of time and attention during application. And yeah, the shade looks weird. It doesn’t suit me. Smile

What do I have to say in the end? Almost all the shades, with some exceptions, though, are well-pigmented, soft and easy to apply. They blend out nicely, fuss-free and I really managed to tame some shades, fall in love with them and list to my favorites now. Smile

(In this photo I used the Miser and Oracle shades.)

No complaints about the quality of the Fame palette. ^_^

I hope you found my review informative Smile

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Delirium recommends ColourPop Powder Pressed Fortune Eye Shadow Palette

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