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Written on Thursday, October 4, 2018
Pros: color selection, intense shades, quality and wear time
Cons: there aren't any!!!

______________☆☆☆☆ Hello there! ☆☆☆☆________________________

Today I’ll tell you about this small eyeshadow palette from Colourpop, which really deserves your attention because of two reasons:

it’s versatile and it offers good quality products.

If I also say that it doesn’t cost a fortune and its price tag is rather reasonable, then here’s the portrait of the perfect eyeshadow palette in front of you Smile

I want to tell you right here that I’m not a makeup artist, that’s why my opinion is subjective. Smile


________________________ The Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette____________________________

Here’s the photo of the palette as it is:

Ordering the palette, the turquoise color was a priority for me. This is why choosing between this palette and some other (it was called Mar), I still opted for this one and don’t ever regret doing so. Also, I ordered another palette called “Fame” for a more daytime wear and nude makeups. But once I opened the Zodiac palette I quickly understood that I could easily get by with this one. Well, seriously, even though there are only 12 shades here, their color selection is so wide and will fit the bill of anyone for any occasion!

The general concept of the palette is zodiac-like. But I’m trying to stay away from all that zodiacs/star sign/fortune telling etc. That’s why I don’t ever listen to them or believe. The packaging of the palette is visually pleasant for me: a dark black casing with a lot of stars on it. So romantic and stylish.

Here’s the outer cover:

And the inner design:


One more thing that I liked about this palette is that it has a mirror inside. I find it so handy, especially for traveling, even though I’m trying to save it and not carry it around with me.


The main part of my review begins here. So, meet the shades and the colors. I have to tell you that if you want to see beautiful shots of the swatches, then please google them. There are a lot of them on the internet. While here I wanted to show you the way they’ll look over usual girls, who don’t have any special skill concerning makeup application. And yes, these shades won’t disappoint you, even if it’s the first time when you use eyeshadows. Love

Let’s start from the very beginning, from the upper to the lower shades, from the left to the right:

The first shades (The Aries) is metallic orange. In the photo, you can see it without a primer and it always looks vibrant and it doesn’t require any build-up or anything else. Such a pure water-color.

The second (The Taurus): matte brown, so camel-like. No green or dark chocolate shade to it. Just a calm warm-toned shade.

The third: (The Gemini): metallic golden color with a little shine of copper.

The fourth: (The Cancer): this one is difficult to make visible if you don’t pack it a lot. This is the fairest one from the palette. Such a fair-pink shade with a golden fleck, metallic shade.

The second row:

I hardly ever use the last shade from this row. However, the first one is my fave. Star

But first things first.

The first (The Leo): golden shade with a coral casting

The second (The Virgo): matte dark brown shade with chocolate undertones.

The third (The Libra): matte ash rose shade. It’s perfect for everyday wear.

The fourth (The Scorpio): intense plum shade with a metallic sheen. The color which didn’t make me rave about it, because it doesn’t go with my brown eyes and chestnut hair. It somehow reminds me of a beetroot color. Big smile

The third row:

I call it “special occasion” Big smile

The first (The Pisces): bright metallic aqua shade.

I’m in love with it, it’s so pure, bright and metallic.

The second (The Aquarius): matte bright blue. It doesn’t look bad in my makeup, especially with my dark eyes.

The third (The Capricorn): black shade with golden glitter. It’s just like soot, intense charcoal black. I like it a lot.

And the last is (The Sagittarius): dark vinous, really intense matte shade. I’d call it lilac-purple.




The shades are different, yet at the same time, they are so matchy. The magnet palette is handy. If you can treat it neatly, you can take it up with you while traveling (once we traveled with it for 24 hours and nothing bad happened to it). The refill pans offer 1g and considering their spending, I conclude that they’ll go a long way. However, there’s a drawback. The products make me addictive and I want to use them again and again.

Big smile


______________________________SOME PICTURES______________________________________

Here are only the shades without any eye primer and my makeup over my nude eyes.

The Aries + The Gemini

The Pisces


The Libra+The Cancler + The Capricorn

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Mus and Mar recommends ColourPop THE ZODIAC Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette

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