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Written on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

When I first saw this palette on the official ColourPop Site, my heart started beating faster.

And even though I had already placed an order on the site already, I still wanted to buy this palette too.

  • Place of purchasing - official website

  • Price - $20

  • Weight - 1,05g х 15 refill pans

Usually, the CP palettes come packed with cardboard boxes, while here the palette was housed in a holographic shining cover.

It shines and glows with rainbows, I’ll never dare throw it away.


I store my palette inside this cover, which is handier rather than taking the palette out of the box each time.


Besides, I was shocked when I saw that the entire surface of the palette was shining. I mean it! Even the side-end, have a look.


Well, enough praises to the design, so let’s pass over to the shades.

I don’t know why but when I was looking at this palette on the site, I concluded that it was too accenting and never fitting the bill for day-to-day wear makeup.

However, it is perfect for non-working days and walking in the park, I think.


And even though the colors here are really bright, they are pretty muted as well. There aren’t any vibrant neon shades or those that are absolutely non-wearable.

This rainbow is calm and muted.


And yeah when taking pictures of this palette, I have discovered the only disadvantage about it - all the names on the palette disappear on camera.


Swatches + products description

I applied the swatches without a primer with my finger with several layers.

Wiggles, Blurred Lines, So Meta, Feeling It, Realness


Wiggles - pastel matte gentle cream shade. Good for setting the primer.

Blurred Lines - white golden topper. It’s semi-sheer on my skin but I like wearing it on top. In fact, I hate golden shades, but oddly enough, I use this one with pleasure.

So Meta - golden-yellow shimmer shade. It’s very pleasant to work with. Nice application, good color. But I don’t appreciate its shade, so hardly ever use it.

Feeling It, Realness - two matte brown-red shades, especially the first one. Feeling It is infused with small and average-sized glitter that isn’t visible. They aren’t good for basic blending that’s why I hardly ever use them.


Woke, Wish List, Manifest It, Keep Cool, Not Playing


Woke - this is my love! I start my eye makeup with it. Gentle, good quality basic shade.

Wish List - that very beautiful coral, which is the color of the year according to Pantone. The only color that seems to be neon.

Manifest It - gorgeous fuchsia shade. I love muting my makeup with it.

Keep Cool - excellent purple eyeshadow. It might seem a tad dry but it’s fuss-free to work with.

Not Playing - magnificent lavender topper. It’s a beautiful shimmering semi-sheer based color. I use it EXCEPTIONALLY as a topper.


Lucid, Bring It, On One, Eclipse, Prism


Lucid - this is the starring shade from the entire palette for me. Brown based duochrome green with cold blue shimmer and a hint of lilac color to it. It’s muted and stunningly beautiful at the same time. This is the color that can fit the daytime makeup. I don’t even know how to express all my love to it.

Bring It, On One - matte and shining diamond green. I love them both but sometimes I feel scared working with them, as well as with many other green-toned colors.

Eclipse - somehow I was hoping to get cool-toned silver shimmer from it but in action, it’s more warm-toned and beige-like. I wanted to adorn my daytime makeups with it and green shades, but it looks odd in that mixture.

Prism - this one ISN’T black but a really packed with brown shade. The pigmentation is okay. I love using it for darkening. I’m very pleased that it’s more brown rather than classy charcoal black.


That’s all with the description, so let’s pass over to makeups. My very first makeup with this palette. I also adorned it with the NYX Glitter Goals and some glitter.

Some attempts at taming the green color. I was amazed to discover that the lilac shade seems almost blue after blending.


Not my favorite golden shade, which I adorned with the topper and the dark-toned lilac eyeliner.

By the way, daytime makeup is still possible with it. For instance:

And with glitter:


I really love the golden topper shade because it always looks fantastic over different shades.

Here, my metallic lipstick was used as a base.


And my favorite smokey eyes with pink blending.

With the Essence Melted chrome 01 as an accent.


I’m head over heels with a pink cut crease and here I screwed up a lot when applying the purple topper on top of the concealer.

I wish I blended out the edges first and added some transition color between the steps 8 and 9.

I love the result in the end.

Some green-toned experiments.

Here the NYX metallic lipstick was used as a base.



Let’s get back to the pink shade. Recently, I bought a duochrome highlighter and really wanted to fit it into my makeup. And I applied it as a topper between steps 3 and 4.

In life, this makeup looked much more vibrant and calling for between the lash liner. But I was too lazy.


More colorful experiments.

Base: matte metallic lipstick and a yellow eyeliner.

This looks interesting and I’ll do it again and again because I love this color combination.


Here the Lucid duochrome is applied over the blue base color with cool-toned shimmer.


What do I’ve got to say in the end?

I was putting this review aside as much as I could because I wanted to create as many makeup looks as possible.


The products are awesome: they apply and blend out so beautifully. The staying power is excellent. If I wear a primer, they won’t ever crease or budge.

The color selection allows my creativity to fly high into the world of bright makeup.

I love watching this palette, touching as well as using it! It’s so good!



Highly recommended!

ColourPop guys do excellent makeup stuff. All the hype about it is justified.

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Urui recommends ColourPop Chasing Rainbows Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette

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