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Written on Friday, March 23, 2018

There are never too many lipsticks. Believe me, I own two...oh, wait, three.

However, this statement from a makeup ignoramus applies only to the products which not only paint lips but can also survive at least one meal...but as it turned out, that’s not everything to expect from a lip color.

I realized it when I got this Dermacol 16H Lip Colour in a makeup box. It had a pleasant color number 12, and the price was ‘pleasing’ too…

What could possibly go wrong if the lipstick costs almost as much as the famous HudaBeauty?

Anything, because the high price doesn’t necessarily guarantee high quality.Product promises:

A revolutionary two-phase, 2-in-1 lip color and gloss. It lasts on your lips as long as 16 hours. Beautiful intensive colors for a perfect, all day appearance of your lips!1. Colour phase – a breakthrough texture with high pigmentation is quick-drying and provides an excellent coverage.2. Creamy phase for gloss and care – contains natural, high-quality oils, beeswax and vitamin E. It prevents lip drying, makes your lip soft and provides shine and fullness.


I don’t see anything revolutionary about the design because I recall lipsticks like this being sold everywhere since I was in the 8th grade.

On the one side, there is red ink, on the other is a lip balm containing tons of beneficial oils which are supposed to provide moisture.

The formula of the lip color is thick with a barely perceptible yet hardly pleasant fragrance. I doubt it’s excusable for a long-lasting product.

The balm, in turn, smells pleasant but it’s so viscous that even a big drop won’t fall from the applicator.

By the way, the sponge applicators are both pretty ordinary yet handy to hold and apply the lipstick. They ease the life of a clumsy makeup applier, though.

How to use- What can be easier? But no, there are a few noteworthy details:



Step 1 – Apply a thin layer of the color phase onto your lips and let dry for 1 minute. Step 2 – Apply ultra gloss and care over a well dry base. Reapply for softer, glossier lips any time during the day.


That’s when we face the first issue. You think the long-lasting lip color dries within a minute? Nope. Minute, two, three, five - the result is always the same. When you apply the lip balm, the lip color smudges even if it’s completely dry. So one should apply the lip balm very carefully.

And of course there is always an imprint left on the sponge.

Nevertheless, the lipstick applies pretty well and gives an even coverage. The color is good, even though it’s not the most habitual for me.

Looks good both with lip balm and without it. The excess of the lip balm can be removed with a napkin.

After we’ve scrutinized the directions of use we can proceed to the painting of the soup coolers. As I’ve mentioned above, the lip color applies effortlessly, but the lip balm is pretty tricky.

There is another surprise one should expect once the lip balm is applied. This very balm is very sticky. And terribly oily. One can use it as a glue, seriously. Honestly, I couldn’t stand the feeling and removed the balm with a napkin in order to get rid of this horrible stickiness.

The next unpleasant surprise appeared the next day after using this lip color. My lips were extremely dry and I was running around in my apartment trying to find the oiliest lip treatment ever.

And it doesn’t matter how much lip balm you apply or whether you apply it at all, the lipstick dries my lips out as though it’s the only meaning of its existence.

And that’s only after one day of wear. Imagine what would happen if you wear it two days in a row.

Lasting power:

It can survive talks, coffee, snacks, salads. If wouldn’t be so easy with fatty meals, but even in this case, the lipstick will fade only in the middle of the pout. Maybe that’s why you have to perform a rain dance to remove the lipstick in the evening.

It was a terrible quest to remove the swatch too.

Even after I rubbed it ruthlessly with micellar water, the swatch was still there.

Even after the next cotton pad drenched in micellar water, it’s still there.

So, there is no other way than to use cleansing oil, and even if you start off with it, you’ll have to apply it twice.

And that’s on the hand. On the lips it’s easier to bite the lip color off than to remove it.

So the makeup removal process requires heavy weapons…



  • Long-lasting
  • I mean, really long-lasting
  • Beautiful colors




  • the lip balm is garbage
  • it’s sticky and nasty
  • dries lips out

The bottom line: one can use it, if one forgets about the crazy stickiness and crazy dryness, and the lipstick will last really long. But eventually it’ll make one pay for its durability.

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