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Written on Thursday, February 1, 2018
Pros: applies well, covers up blemishes well, doesn't look mask like, evens out skin tone, gives natural coverage, long-lasting, mattifies well, my skin breathes, skin feels comfortable


Today you linked my review, which would be huge and full of excitement and admiration, because we’ll be talking about the Diorskin Forever Foundation.

You can purchase it in almost every store.

It retails for about $52.

Dior's ultimate skin-perfecting 16-hour* foundation that delivers medium coverage and leaves a natural-looking luminous matte finish. Available in 24 shades for all skin types.

* Self-assessment after applying the fluid foundation. N=21 women.



Diorskin Forever Foundation is formulated to give a perfect, flawless complexion to help minimize the appearance of pores, control shine and blur imperfections for a luminous velvety matte finish that lasts all day.

This comfortable liquid foundation melts into the skin and protects with SPF 35 broad spectrum.

Let me start off by saying how it all started…

One day the sales assistant showed me their unparalleled generosity and gave me a sample of this foundation when I purchased a few high-end products. After trying it, I fell in love with this foundation so much… that I rushed back to the store to buy a full-size version the next day.

By the way, here is a lesson to all sales assistants: Don’t be stingy when it comes to samples, because they do really work and are a good promotion for your products. I’ve already purchased a good deal of new products in such a way!

The color range is really wide, which is a huge plus, as every girl will definitely find the right shade for her. The shades vary from the most fair and light to extremely dark hues.

I picked up this shade last summer, when my skin tone was a little bit tanned. I chose the shade No. 030. It’s a beautiful color that suits only tanned skin Smile

The thing is that I’ve tried plenty of high-end foundations: Chanel, YSL, Clarins and so on, but after evaluating them fairly, I regretted the money I spent on them. Moreover, I wondered how could a high-end be worse than a drugstore product.

It’s noteworthy that now I’m really careful when buying high-ends. I don’t do it before testing it properly and such an approach could help me to avoid disappointment. As for Dior, I tested it before purchasing, as I mentioned earlier.

That summer I had two foundations which were totally different. Chanel foundation lost when compared to Dior. Chanel was actually alright and I was quite pleased with the results, but I don’t want to repurchase it.

In terms of the Dior design, it’s amazing. The bottle is made of a very thick matte glass. It is weighty and looks quite impressive. The writing doesn’t fade and the bottle is very nice to hold in my hands. Nevertheless I wouldn’t take such a bottle on trips with me, because it’s too much for my makeup bag. Therefore I took another foundation on my vacation that time Smile

This foundation is simply perfect for summer. Firstly, it has SPF 35 and secondly it has Shine Control that helps reduce oily sheen and makes my skin matte and very noble even when it’s hot as hell outside.

The cap is simple and I can’t say anything special about it.

The pump is easy to use and helps me use the foundation sparingly. A pump is enough for a single use. Moreover, it goes a long way because of the texture, which is so important.

However, I can’t say much if it’s really so economical for a casual wear, because I use different foundations every day. I’ve been using this foundation from May to late fall and half of the tube was still there. In winter I occasionally applied it, but the shade was too dark for me. I wanted to grab a lighter tone for the wintertime, but a huge amount of different foundations in my makeup bag stopped me.

This year I purchased one more bottle for future use Smile I just couldn’t help but grab it when I saw this foundation in a store at a bargain price. This time I picked up my lovely shade No. 030 again Smile

I guess the first bottle will be used up in the nearest future and then it will be time for the second one Smile

Enough said about the outer appearance, I guess, so let’s move onto the performance.

The shade 030 is dark, as I have already said. Moreover, it looks different by different lighting. Here are two swatches to compare.

Without a flash by daylight:

With a flash: The shade looks very pale now as well as my skin yet it’s more real.

Here, I’ve already blended it out. The pictures with/without flash.

I didn’t spread it out completely, so that you can see the contour…

When applying, I distribute the foundation very carefully and eliminate all the sharp lines, so the contour is not visible.

The product is quite thick and suitable for those who love covering everything up. You can disguise uneven skin and redness in tracks. Although it has thick coverage, I hardly feel it on my skin, so there are no mask-like or greenhouse effects. My skin feels beautifully with this foundation on. In addition, it doesn’t fade during the day.

It doesn’t flow or clog my pores. More than that it doesn’t sit into my fine lines or go streaky. The mattifying effect is hardly noticeable in a few hours. It depends on the temperature outside and your skin type. Anyway, a single tissue or powder are enough to remove the sebum in your T-zone, for example. After that your skin is perfect again.

After reading reviews about this product, I made the conclusion that it probably doesn’t suit girls with dry skin. I can’t say anything about it. It may probably be true.

As far as I’m concerned, I haven’t found anything better than this foundation, although I love BB and CC creams.

Dior Diorskin is my favorite product when it comes to foundations and I’d love to repurchase it.

Those foundations that don’t meet any of my requirements go to my friends for testing, but I’m not going to give anyone this foundation, but would definitely recommend you try it Smile

Now I’m planning on picking up a lighter shade and take it easy with other foundations. However, I’m not sure about it now, as I love Korean products Smile

In the picture you can see my total look. The coverage is perfect and doesn’t feel like something heavy on my face.

To sum up, I’d like to say don’t be afraid to grab it for summer, as it is really perfect, especially for the combination skin type. This is an option for those who are fond of thick coverage, but don’t like feeling mask-like Smile

I prefer applying it either with my fingers or with a brush. The first way is more economical. Well, I guess I said everything I wanted. I highly recommend testing this foundation when you are in a store. Try the sample and you will probably fall in love with this product like I once did Smile


Thank you for your attention Smile

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