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Written on Friday, July 19, 2019

Today I want to tell you about this Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation which will soon be discontinued, alas. But, don’t be too quick to shut out my review!

First of all, you can still find it on the shelves of beauty stores. Moreover, now it comes discounted (and take my word, even the full price is worth every dollar)!

Secondly, I’ll compare it with the renewed versions of the products which are Diorskin and Diorskin Glow. So, you’ll be able to understand whether you need to buy them or not.

I fell for this Dior Forever Foundation a couple of years ago when I tested it out for the first time. I’ve never had such a flawless, long-wearing, thin and beautiful foundation before! But somehow, I always used to put aside the purchase of the full size, mainly because I had already had a small pile of other foundations in my collection and I don’t actually like collecting makeup. So, once I knew that the old formula of my favorite foundation was renewed and it’s just about to leave the stores, I quickly headed for the full size of my precious foundation.

Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation comes packed with a beautiful and elegant matte glass tube. Should I mention the aesthetics of the high-end product? It looks flawless!

In my opinion, the renewed products, (they were released in two lines Forever and Forever Skin Glow) have lost that charm of the gorgeous outer appearance. It’s pretty hard to find the right matching shade without testing them. Before, I used to have it in the shade #010 and now I have it in #013. It’s perfect for the summer! But in winter, it doesn’t match my neck and appears darker. The fourth ingredient in the list is alcohol. Given profound skin care and not too frequent use (2-3 times a week), this product doesn’t harm my skin at all. By the way, the first 4 ingredients are the same and go with the renewed collections as well. Application

Quick and easy! And it doesn’t even depend on the tool you use: either your fingers, brushes, sponges - everything will do well. The coverage is always smooth.

The texture is of average thickness. After the renovation, the foundation consistencies have become way runnier.

My skin looks as though filtered with this Dior Diorskin Forever!

  • the appearance of blackheads and enlarged pores is concealed

  • my complexion is smooth

  • matte yet natural finish

  • flawless, streak-free coverage

But the most important and stand out feature of this foundation is its wear time! My skin is oily and usually, I can see some oily shine towards the afternoon already. But when I use this Dior Forever Foundation, I can forget about blotting papers at all!! I mean my foundation looks flawless within 4, 6, 8 hours!

Within 13 hours of wearing, I can spot some oily shine but it’s moderate! Given all that, the coverage is still there and my complexion doesn’t look dull or tired.

I’ll be telling the truth when I say it’s my most favorite foundation ever!

within 4 and 6 hours of application
within 4 and 6 hours of application

I can recommend it: if you’re seeking a long-wearing coverage.

If your skin is oily-shine-, blackheads- or big pores- prone.

Unfortunately, the product didn’t benefit from a renovation. Even though the Diorskin and Diorskin Glow offer more trendy textures and finishes, they still don’t provide such a wear time and never look so flawless as the classy Diorskin Forever Foundation.

You can still find this product available! Hurry up!

  • Size - 30ml

  • Made in France

  • Full price - $52

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