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Written on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

HELLO EVERYONE! SmileAs for me, it was not until much later that I welcomed only creamy and liquid eyeshadows in my makeup routine because:


  • first of all, they’re easier to apply and I can do it even with my fingertip

  • secondly, they look more pigmented on my eyes, even if I use them alone

  • third is that they’re solo packed and can be taken with me anytime

So, naturally, the Dior Metallizer couldn't get past me, especially, these small tubes which are travel-friendly and won’t take up much room!

I have 3 shades in my stash now:


  • 678 Bronze Tension

  • 548 Copper Power

  • 528 Platine Fusion


◆ I’ll start off with those two bright ones - #678 and #548.



◆ These are regular neat tubes, color-coded with the formula inside. The air gets in there some time later and they don’t seem to be as handy as before.

◆ The tubes are lightweight and are really true travel-friendly babes. However, don’t think it’ll be easy to put on your makeup with them. You see, you can get stained with them, besides, you’ll need a special brush for them, if you want to combine 2 or more shades for your makeup. Also, a brush will be handy if you want to line your eyes with them.

SHADE #678

◆This is actually the darkest shade. It’s called Bronze Tension and you might think it’s bronze but in life, it actually doesn’t have anything to do with that shade.

This product is dark gray and even close to the black and metallic color.


◆ The formula is shimmer-free, only nice metallic sheen. If you go for a thin layer, you’ll have to try hard to apply it without any splotches and patches.

◆ The blending isn’t the easiest and it also sets pretty quickly. But, it’s still possible to blend out or form a beautiful transition shade with it.

SHADE #548


◆ This shade lives up to its naming and it’s really copper. Very shimmery but not a great option for a cool-toned type.


◆ Even though this shade is lighter, it’s no way worse. It covers up my skin with thin coverage and doesn’t drag the color. The finish is smooth and non-creasing.



◆ Both shades are pleasant in texture. They’re rather runny, creamy and airy. They feel a little bit cold on my eyes.


◆ Although they’re liquid and runny, they don’t flow down at all. However, there’s some noteworthy thing to be said: the formula separates in the tube. I have to be very careful with them and “massage” the tubes before application so as make the formula mix in together again.


◆ After application, the products set quickly and stay on very well: after setting you can rub them with fingers and it won’t affect the coverage. Here’s my makeup with 2 shades:

PACKING ◆ They pack well and don’t cancel out one another. My eyelids don’t seem to be wrinkled which was a common occasion with other similar eyeshadows from Clarins Ombre Waterproof.

SHADE #528

◆ Well, it’s time to tell you about my favorite shade which flatters me so well. #528 is a platinum silver shade with a hint of pearlescent beige to it.


◆ It is gorgeous! And the most important thing is that it’s perfect as an eyeshadow as well as a highlighter!

◆ In fact, all these shades will be awesome as eyeliners. They even apply better than Armani Tints. Also, these are to be applied to the lips. I don’t get it and such finish looks too freaky for me.

◆ It doesn’t blend into my skin and accentuates my eye color, making me wide awake and beautiful.

◆ For the full-on makeup, I decided to show you it in the inner corners of my eyes:

◆ Gorgeous, isn’t it? Glowing finish and no shimmer! There hasn’t been a highlighter in my collection with such a finish! What’s more, this Dior Metallizer is easier to apply than any other product because of that thin and narrow nozzle dispenser.


◆ Do you remember I mentioned no moving or creasing of the coverage if you rub your eyes with it? Well, why not water the swatches? They didn’t move. I already thought they were waterproof but then rubbed them and the coverage broke. So, no, they aren’t waterproof. Besides, they’ll easily come off from micellar water.


◆ $32


The good:

  • easy to apply

  • pleasant texture

  • thick and saturated finish

  • rather long-wearing coverage

  • comfortable to wear

  • no smudging

  • easy to wash off

The bad:

  • poor color selection

  • non-waterproof

  • they can separate in the tube

  • require quick blending

OVERALL THOUGHTS: ◆ In the end, I recommend these shadows for purchasing. But I still think they could expand their color selection and improve the formula.

So, I give them 4 stars and think these are must-haves for all makeup artists! ◆

Thanks for your attention!

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Joe Cooper recommends Dior Metalizer Eye and Lips Cream Shadow

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