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Written on Tuesday, March 27, 2018



The Dose of Colors lipsticks have been on my wishlist for a long time. But with time passing by my interest in liquid lipsticks was becoming less and less while the interest in this brand was still there. When I finally decided to try a product by this brand I was unsure what to buy, a highlighter or a creamy lipstick. But after a long hesitation I stopped on a creamy lipstick, as by that time I was already so used to liquid matte lipsticks that I've already forgotten what it was like to apply a creamy lipstick. I opted for the Classic Lipsticks in the color BLUSH.



And now let’s speak about the lipstick itself and only after that we’ll pass over to the practical part of my review. So, general characteristics:


outer design: the lipstick comes with a thick cardboard box of white color with a branded logo. There was no wrapping or anything on the packaging.



Opening the box and taking out the lippie you’ll see the lipstick tube which looks even simpler than its box: simple and lightweight plastic material with the brand’s logo. If not this logo, the design of the product would have been very boring then.



The top cap sits very tightly and it closes with a click, creating total unity with the lipstick body. The mechanism is standard for all the creamy lipsticks. It works fine and doesn’t get broken. In general, the lipstick looks like a good quality product even though its design is very simple and minimal. I’ve been using it a lot and there are no scratches or chips to it;


shade: for me I opted for the BLUSH shade,



which looked like a cool-toned nude shade on the swatch. I can’t say that such colors are particularly flattering to my complexion but I still love them, even though they aren’t very good for me. So, what’s the lipstick like?


In general I can say that the “expectations/reality” correlation has turned out to be good for me, even though I have to tell you that the product looks 3 different ways - on the swatch, in the stick and on my lips.


In the stick it looks cool-toned with purple undertones but on the swatch it looks more warm-toned and on my lips it turns into … Well, you’ll see it yourself later. Smile All in all there are 18 shades in the collection and there are shades for those who like classic and nude shade as well as for those who like bright and drama effects on their lips.


consistency: it’s creamy and unbelievably silky to the touch. It applies beautifully and doesn’t look patchy.


The product doesn’t show flaking on my lips, even though my lips can be in their terrible state, you know. The coverage looks very lightweight and it feels as though I applied a nourishing lip balm;



It’s chocolate and buttery which is impossible to resist and to not fall for. I’m not a fan of sweet scents but this one is absolutely unobtrusive or chasing.


Size: 3.5g;

Made in USA;

Price: $16

And now let’s pass over to my favorite practical part of the review where you can see the lipstick in action.


As I’ve already mentioned the lipstick looks different from what you see in the stick. I was even a little bit puzzled when I started to apply it on my lips. Just have a look at what I actually saw on my lips:



It’s just a usual pink color, isn't it?… The color looks so interesting in the stick and so usual and boring in life. Well, and on the screen…

Just have a look at the “expectations/reality” shot:




I can’t say that these are completely different shades but still they are different for me. Smile I also wouldn’t state that I hate the way the lipstick looks on me, no, but the color looks too fair. However there are still chances to wear it for me, for example when I do some complicated makeup looks like smokey eyes or when my skin is tanned. BUT, there’s a very notable thing there: in my life I hardly ever do any complicated makeup looks. I usually opt for something quick and easy. Something very close to what you see in the pictures here, though sometimes I can even toss my mascara. This means that this product isn’t for everyday wear for me.

I decided to try to tame this lippie for my daily use and apply it with my fingertips. Here’s the outcome:


here I applied the lipstick with my fingertips
here I applied the lipstick with my fingertips

It looks better now and I think that it’s a rather wearable option for me.

I also tried to use a brush to apply this lippie and I was happy that the color didn’t look so odd and in general looked rather wearable:


here I applied it with a lipstick brush
here I applied it with a lipstick brush


For a comparison: look at my lips without any lipstick on: honestly, I have to confess that I like this option very much when I apply just a little of a lip balm and I’m ready to go. Smile




Since the product is creamy in texture, the spending may become very high. But it’ll completely depend on the coverage you want to obtain on your lips: one layer won’t cover up your natural lip pigment and the only result you’ll see is a hint of pink undertones on your lips and that's all. So I’d advise you not to save it and apply more to get the nude effect.


Performance during the day


The performance on my lips is pretty decent: the color doesn’t fade or get eaten. I also appreciate that the product doesn’t crease into a white film between my lips. In general my lips feel comfortable and moisturized while wear.

It was so unusual for me at first, I mean all those comforting feelings on my lips, as I’ve got used to matte liquid lipsticks so much which all tend to be very drying.


A few words about removing the product

The lipstick is super easy to remove with a cleansing milk or facial foam or even with regular water. So, there are no issues with its removing at all.


So, what’s my final opinion about it?

Even though the color doesn’t suit me, I still really like this lipstick very much. I appreciate its gentle and creamy texture which applies nice all over my lips. I also love the effect on my lips with this product on, as I was missing those moisture and nourishing feelings so much. Yes, the color didn’t suit me but even the manufacturer states it that the colors may vary due to a number of factors including but not limited to; monitor resolution settings, lighting & skin tone, etc.

So wise of them, isn’t it? Smile



I can recommend this lipstick for purchasing. I don’t regret buying it, as in my opinion, it’s interesting and is worth every cent.


Thank you everybody for your attention and see you soon ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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Irene B. recommends Dose of Colors Classic Lipstick

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