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Written on Friday, June 21, 2019

I was dreaming of these lipsticks ever since I once swatched them in a beauty store. But the price wasn’t comfortable for me, so I waited for discounts and bought a bundle right away.

Full price: $18 for an item.

Size: 4.5g

Shelf life: 6 months

That’s weird, isn’t it? I usually keep on using my liquid lipsticks for a year or even more and nothing bad ever happens to them.

I guess that they all have the same components.

Here they are, my beauties!

I’ll start off describing each shade individually:

1. Shade Kiss of Fair is a scarlet, cool-toned shade. It’s a trouble to apply. I presume it’s the only finicky shade among others.

When I don’t pack it and leave with 1 coat on my lips, it appears crimson. It takes too much time to set and then still looks patchy. It does require a lip lining beforehand. This way, it looks better.

I wear it with a lip liner.

But the most disappointing fact for me is this blue pigment that sticks into my skin.

Here’s a photo for clarity.

I’ve tried to wash it off with two cleansing oils, regular oils, scrubs and micellar water. The product doesn’t give a damn. It was tough to wash off, besides, the pigment was there for another couple of days, providing me with a permanent makeup look.

The shade is fantastic but how on earth could it screw so much in quality.

I think maybe it’s worth using over a primer to minimize staining.

2. The shade Los Anjelous is a muted red terracotta color.

It looks so expensive on my lips and it’s super long-wearing too. There’s no patching or spots in color. The shade is pleasant to look at and I guess that I’ll save it for the fall.

It does dry out my lips but no way more than any other matte liquid lipsticks.


3. Shade Truffle is an average nude color that will flatter everyone!

It’s so wearable that I think it’s the best option for everyday makeup!

This shade is cool-toned to some extent, however, it’s still possible to wash off with micellar water.

That’s my all-time favorite lipstick!

4. Shade Campfire is a warm brown hue. I can’t find other words to describe it.

It reminds me of the fall season, fallen leaves and my warm woolen sweater.

You can fit it into your fall as well as summer makeup. For the cool season, it’s too warm-toned, I think.

5. Shade Mondaze is plum and brown.

It’s pretty vibrant and saturated too. That’s perfect for any season.

This was the first shade that I bought from the Dose of Colors brand. I adore it!

My lifehack for the best color payoff: make sure to prep your lips with a lip balm beforehand. After that, wipe the balm off and apply some foundation and set it with a powder. It’s especially working over people with naturally bright lips.

In fact, the brand impressed me very much! These lipsticks don’t bring the dryness as many others do. If you take care of your lips, exfoliate and nourish them timely, your lips won’t ever look or feel dry.

Definitely recommended!

The color selection is just the bomb!

Everyone will find a match Smile

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Astera recommends Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick

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