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Written on Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hello girls! Love

I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews of this brand. You know, recently, it has become some kind of a quest for me to find products which are great quality-wise, yet at the same time have an affordable price tag. Laughing out loud


I really love versatile products, this is why I fell for this palette by E.L.F.



  • The E.L.F. packages never look cheap. All the products are always packed with boxes and have protective liners. In this case, my palette also has a mirror inside. Is it really worth $4?

  • There are 3 shades of the products available - Cool, Warm and Golden. I have mine in the color Warm.

  • I didn’t manage to find the shelf life of the product. I looked for it very thoroughly, even on the box. Sad

  • The weight of the product is 15g. There are more expensive bronzers out there in the market which offer less amount of the contents.

  • Made in China. Designed in the U.S.A.

  • The scent is difficult to make out, it smells like powder.

  • The consistency is soft and pleasant to the touch. The shimmer bits don’t scratch my skin. I don’t even feel them when I touch the formula.


1. Red-toned shade. I don’t wear it alone, as there’s a risk for my skin to look stained with the red pigment then. I use it only when I mix the colors together.

2. Light golden sand color. This one is the fairest from the palette. I can wear it alone because it’s very beautiful for warm-toned makeup looks.

3. Lightweight highlighter, which doesn’t have any active-looking glow to it.

4. This is the darkest shade from the palette. It’s the color of milk chocolate. It’ll probably look too dark over fair skin, though it’ll look fantastic if you’re tanned.

Here I mixed all the 4 colors together and applied them with a brush. I really like this duochrome color, it looks as a perfect glow.


1. To accomplish this makeup look I used only this palette and the darkest shades, along with the highlighter.

2. In my opinion, this dark color looks fantastic with a dark lipstick of vinous or plum colors

Eye makeup

I used the warmest shade to apply to the crease and then applied the fairest bronzer color all over my mobile lid and the highlighter to the inner corners.

3. The fairest shade of the bronzer:

I’ve already mentioned that it looks too boring for me when I use only a bronzer or a contouring powder in my makeup. In general I love using some blush over the apples of my cheeks. And this color will be great as a combo shade. I also added a little bit of a blusher in the below picture on the right.

4. Use of all the shades together:

I didn’t move my brushes here and there over the palette, but I applied the colors cross-action. Such mixture looks a tad glowy, yet at the same time not too dark on my skin. I like such result most of all. You can apply the powder very delicately as well. Here I used the dark shade more, over the others, because I wanted my makeup to look cool-toned.


And here the pigment looks more intense.


The bronzer stays on pretty well over my skin. My skin is oily/combo and if I don’t set it with a powder, it stays on for about 7 hours and then disappears. It starts losing its pigment and at the same time my skin starts to look more oily, which is pretty obvious. I like that the product doesn’t fade patchy from my skin. The highlighter has the worse wear time. It vanishes from my skin completely after 2 or 3 hours after the application.



➕ you can use the products alone or mix them together

➕ the small shimmer particles shine beautifully, though there aren’t any chunky bits there

➕ the wear time is good and the bronzer stays on till the moment I remove it

➕ the texture is silky to the touch

➕ the product doesn’t apply or fade with patchy spots.


I’m delighted with the bronzer. In general I appreciate such palettes, because they are essential while travelling and there’s never a chance to get fed up with them. Smile

And I take this product as a true discovery for me, because the price tag is super affordable!

You can vary the color kickback, taking as much of the dark product as you need. By the way, the palette is versatile, because you can easily do your eye makeup with it and even do the cat flick with the colors. The quality is definitely above the price here, that’s why I highly recommend this palette by E.L.F.


Thanks for watching my post! Even if there’s no sun, shine bright with this palette!

Have a nice day 💐💐💐

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Pearl of Mauve recommends E.L.F. Color Bronzer

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