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Written on Friday, March 29, 2019

Hello people!

I guess that every girl dreams of having beautiful and young skin, especially when she sees the first age-specific changes. And today I want to tell you about the product from Estee Lauder.

I bought it because I was looking for moisture and tight skin relief because currently, my skin isn’t aging yet.

Price: $55

Size: 1 oz

Made in the UK


Product promises:

Use it morning and night to unlock your skin's youth potential and see it spring back with new bounce, glow with radiant vitality.


With our exclusive RevitaKey™ Technology featuring exclusive Moringa Extract, this silky-soft, deeply nourishing multi-action creme encourages skin's natural power to amplify collagen and elastin.


The product is housed into a really posh golden jar. It’s so luxurious! I can’t help but look at it all the time.

The jar also has a golden top cap, which is no problem to screw or unscrew.



The cream is of nice and pleasant white consistency. It’s easy to distribute all over my skin and after use, I don’t experience any negative or tightening sensations.

The aroma isn’t chasing. It’s very light and I can feel it only when applying the product. After that, it vanishes.



I use this moisturizer every day, mainly in winter. My skin suffers in winter more and this cream and humidifier help me survive it.


And now, some more details on the application:

1. It’s important to exfoliate your skin a couple of times a week to gain the best results. Why? Because once your skin is exfoliated, it becomes smoother and the cream will work better on it.

2. I cleanse my face with facial foam or gel.

3. After that, I use micellar water.

4. And the last goes the cream.

This is how I use it AM and PM. Overnight, I can apply it with a thicker layer because in the morning I put on makeup and dread creasing.


About my skin:

  • it’s dry and flaking prone

  • my skin tone isn’t smooth

  • some fine lines and small wrinkles

  • prone to pore clogging


My expectations:

  • it’s essential for me that my moisturizer doesn’t clog my pores

  • I also expect good moisture from it. That was the main reason for purchasing, actually

  • Since the product promises reduced fine lines and wrinkles, I’m looking forward to this too

  • it’s very important for me that the product soaks in quickly, leaving no oily or tightening sensation behind


Impressions of use:


Pores clogging:

I’ve been using this cream for several months and I haven’t noticed any pore clogging or anything, which I’m so happy about!



Right after the application, I can feel that my skin is revived and there are no flaking patches throughout the wear.

What’s more, the product has an accumulative effect, which doesn’t disappear right after the first face wash but stays on and I can see that my skin condition has improved.

I like pairing all my moisturizers with facial scrubs (no, I don’t use scrubs every day).


Has my wrinkles and fine lines appearance reduced?

Honestly, I haven’t noticed any results there, even though I’ve been using the product for several months along with scrubs. However, I didn’t even hope to get any changes.



If I apply a thin layer, the product sinks in very quickly. It doesn’t leave any oily film or tightening sensation.


Contact with makeup:

I love how nicely my makeup stays put over this moisturizer. Nothing creases and always applies with even coverage. The staying power is as always. Nothing to be picky about.


Does it dry out my skin?

I had some experience when my moisturizer would dry out my skin. Nothing of that kind was noticed while using this product.

My skin reaction:

My skin didn’t react negatively to it - no irritation, burning sensation or anything was detected.


The bottom line:

Let’s have a closer look at the results.

Here’s a collage with the before shot on the left and after on the right.

I tried my best to show you the result through the picture, though it's tough to show the moisture aspect. But we can see the healthy glow there for sure.


A close-up, where my skin is moisturized and flaking patches-free.

In the end, I conclude that the Estee Lauder Cream:

  • beautifully moisturizes my skin and soothes it

  • doesn’t do anything with fine lines and wrinkles

  • doesn’t clog my pores

  • soaks in quickly


I’m delighted with my purchase. I bought it to moisturize my skin but it doesn’t do what it promises, I mean the fine lines and wrinkles look reduced, that’s why only 4 stars.

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