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Written on Monday, December 4, 2017

Hi there! Smile

Today I’ll be reviewing this miraculous lipstick, which is the yellow Fran Wilson MOODmatcher Lipstick!

The packaging is nothing special. The product comes in a dark tube that closes tightly with a click. The tube works well without failing. Plus, it twists up and down with ease, so the lipstick is safe.

Weight: 3.5 g

Country: USA

The product doesn’t have an off-putting smell. The smell reminds me of plasticine, which I don’t feel on my lips.

It applies easy and glides over my lips well. After applying, it feels like it moisturizes my lips!

I use this lipstick instead of a lip balm, because it’s good lip care for me.

The staying power is insane! After I’ve applied this lipstick, I ate and drank, but it survived everything and looked like a lip tint on my lips!

I use this product a few times throughout the day to moisturize my lips, so they get raspberry-red towards evening.


Now for some hocus-pocus!


Just applied:

In 5 minutes:

After that it gets even brighter, but the picture can’t convey the true intensity of the lipstick.

The color depends on your lips. I mean one and the same shade can look different on every girl. When I apply it a few times a day, the color is quite deep, as a result.

I’m obsessed with this lipstick! It’s fun that the shade is yellow, but the payoff is pink Smile

It all happens due to some ingredients that react with my skin Smile



The lipstick after application:

The product removes with any makeup remover completely. It doesn’t transfer onto glasses or it rather doesn’t color them.

If the glossy finish has already faded, the lipstick won’t leave any stains on your beloved.

In the evening this shade is very bright and so long-lasting by the way.

Price: $4


Generally speaking, I’m very pleased with the results! This lipstick is affordable, beautiful and moisturizing! Moreover, it’s long-lasting, which is actually really important.

Thank you for reading and commenting on my review Smile

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SweetHelga recommends Fran Wilson MOODmatcher Lipstick

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