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Written on Monday, July 2, 2018


Finally, the time has come to encounter the ARMANI Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow. I think that, even though it is pricey, it can still become a staple product of your pouch, because it’s so pleasant to do a full eye makeup with only one product. If you want to know what’s so interesting and special about this product, then keep on reading.

There are only 12 shades in the collection. But they are all so gorgeous, that there aren’t enough beautiful words to describe them. Each shade has its own magnificent beauty. I wish I could buy all of them.

I have my shade in the color №4 PULP FICTION.

Price: $35.00


The Eyes to Kill isn’t actually a new launch from the brand. This collection was one of the first that the brand released in a mono package. The jar with the product is pretty heavy, but it’s small and not room-taking at the same time. I really appreciate its design, which is simple and sleek. The jar closes with an alluring black top cap with the name of the shade and manufacturer on it.



Even though the jar it made of thick glass, you can still see the color inside though it. But unfortunately, this effect is deceitful. When I opened the product, yes, I could see the gray eyeshadow, but it wasn’t just that plain gray eyeshadow, because it had a lot of pink sparkle to the formula as well. That wasn’t visible through the jar, though. By the way, the color of the shade was also given at the bottom part of the jar, which disappeared overtime, alas. And in general, the lettering has disappeared a lot.


When I opened the top cap, I was immediately happy with what I saw, because the eyeshadow was protected with a membrane, so as not to stain the top cap. The membrane has a small handle which was easy to drag and pull out.



Once I opened the jar, I was pleasantly surprised. The eyeshadows didn’t look just gray. It looked pink-gray. At first I couldn’t even make out what color it was, but later when I swatched the shade with my finger, I immediately fell for it.


I thought that the pink sparkle wouldn’t be visible, but even in the swatches you can see that the eyeshadow has pink undertones and this is fabulous. Thanks to this effect the product shines in my makeup, looking different depending on the lights.



I wouldn’t say that the texture is powder or creamy, it’s more like dewy-dry. The eyeshadow is very pleasant to the touch, it’s almost velvety. The pigmentation is dope! One layer is enough to show the bright pigment. The blending is also pretty good and the most important is getting used to the texture of the product. You can pair it with some other eyeshadow, or use solo for your makeup. I think that this eyeshadow by Armani is enough to use alone, but you can use it as you wish.


My opinion:

- beautiful design

- convenient jar

- it is great that there is a protective inner membrane, because I don’t stain my fingers with the eyeshadow, even though it does stain the inner part of the membrane

- the shade is an amazing duochrome or a chameleon as they say

- the texture is pleasant and velvety

- the product is nicely pigmented

- I don’t have any problems with the application, but I still want to advise you to apply the product with your finger or with a sponge applicator. However, if you’re a professional and skillful enough, of course you can try to use makeup brushes (I prefer finger application).

- the product can show a little bit of falling out if you apply too much

- the blending is good

- you can pair this product with your other eyeshadows. It applies well over a primer, and my eyeliner also applies nicely over it

- the product features dry as well as damp application. But you should know that if you apply the eyeshadow with a damp brush, then the pink undertones will be less detectable and the product will look more gray and one toned

- this eyeshadow doesn’t crease or settle into the fine lines

- it doesn’t fade during the day or night

- the staying power is amazeballs. The product stays on the entire day. I’m sure that it can stay on for 24 hours without fading or losing the pigment

- the eyeshadow washes off easily with any long-wearing makeup remover

- I think it’s an excellent evening eyeshadow option


I confess that the ARMANI Eyes to Kill is one of my favorite eyeshadows, as well as the ARMANI Eye Tint. In general, lately I’ve become more into cosmetic products and I think that’s for a reason because any new product by ARMANI is just a masterpiece.

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