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Written on Thursday, April 19, 2018
Pros: convenient applicator, doesn’t dry out my lips, doesn’t feather, longwearing, pleasant texture
Cons: smudges once touches anything

Hello there!

I don’t have a lot of high-end lipsticks in my collection. You know, I’m a huge fan of lipsticks and I can’t keep using one and the same lipstick for more than 6 months. So that’s why I prefer to change them and it’s wiser to buy cheaper lipsticks then. But sometimes my sense just turns off and the regime “I want” activates. I just WANT and that’s all that matters.

So this is how I got the Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick by Giorgio Armani in the color Garçonne in my collection. By the way, the name means “rebel-girl” in French. Smile


Size - 3.9ml

Price: $38 on the official site.

I love smart-shopping, that’s why I ordered this lipstick on eBay from a trusted seller. The bar- and batch codes on the tube and the box proved that the lipstick wasn’t a fake.


Made in France


Product promises:

LIP MAGNET is a lipstick that offers up to eight hours of wear and a no-makeup feel. This weightless liquid lipstick leaves lips with a smudge-proof, ultra-matte finish. The formula is four times thinner and has twice as much color as a traditional lipstick. It delivers eight-hour wear and comfort, and its unique, slim, quill applicator design gives ideal precision for a perfect lip contour.


💄 Outer appearance.

The lipstick comes with a rather standard for any high-end lipstick box of laminated paper with the product information on it.

Inside the box you’ll find a small yet rather heavy cosmetic tube which is plastic and see-through. The plastic is quite thick which creates an illusion that it’s made of glass.


The cap with the branded logo closes with a click.

💄 Applicator

Yes! Yes! Yes! They didn’t lie when they said that the applicator is unique and that it gives ideal precision for a perfect lip contour.

Recently I wrote a review of the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick where I praised the applicator, so now I want to take my words back. From now on the Armani Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick applicator is the most convenient to work with in my collection.

It’s soft, furry and very precise. This is why there’s no chance to cross the lip contour with it. It feels as though those bristles on the applicator blend the lipstick out, creating very natural-looking yet precise contour. In a word - STUNNING!!!


💄 Consistency. I don’t even know how to describe it right. I take it as a soft souffle which is absolutely lightweight and sumptuously pigmented.


💄 Aroma

It’s barely there and alcohol-like. It fades right away after application.


💄 Color.

They named it the “rebel-girl”

Some people will take it as a very vibrant and bold bright-purple-pink shade. But for me (who constantly wears blue or green lipsticks) this shade is rather wearable and I apply it even when I head for the office.


💄 Application and performance on my lips.

The lipstick applies absolutely fuss-free. It doesn’t streak or look patchy on my lips.

One layer creates a semi-transparent finish. While the second coat makes my lips look more pigmented and opaque.

The coverage is truly weightless and thin. This is why you can layer the lipstick as much as you want to get the color you want to see. At the same time the lipstick won’t settle in the creases or show the lips relief, as many other liquid matte lipstick usually do.


The finish doesn’t look absolutely matte. It’s more satin, I’d say. The lipstick doesn’t dry out completely that’s why it’s a little bit transferring and staining. As for the touch-up, it’s also very quick and easy. You can be sure that the lipstick won’t start cracking or falling out in pieces.

The product doesn’t require a lip liner. Yet, you should be aware that if you touch your lips or rub them, (considering the ultra lightweight texture of the lipstick, it’s very easy to forget that you do have something on your lips) you’ll smudge the coverage.

The lipstick is non-drying to my lips. After removing, there’s no need to urgently save my lips with chapstick or lip balms. Of course there are no lip emollient components to the ingredients either.

Staying power. Without touch-ups the lipstick will stay on for 3 or 4 hours and then it’ll start fading from the inside of the mouth. But it isn’t even a problem for me, as I touch-up very quickly. The lipstick will live through a bite and drinks if you don’t eat something greasy. By the way, it won’t stain dishes.

Fatty food is the greatest enemy for this lippie.

The promised 8 hours of staying power are true but still during that time you’ll have to touch-up a couple of times, especially if you ate or drank anything.


💄 Washing off.

Actually, any oil-infused makeup remover will cope with this lipstick nicely. Even micellar water will wash it off completely, if you rub your lips a tiny bit. The lipstick washes off fully and it doesn’t leave any pink pigment behind.


💄 Overall.

I’m glad that I bought this lipstick. It’s almost ideal. If only its formula was a little bit more transfer-resistant and smudge-proof. At first I even wanted to take a star off for these aspects but later I changed my mind. In general all the technical and main characteristics of the product are above praise. I have almost the same in texture lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent but it’s so drying that it feels as though my lips turn into a desert with it on. Both lipsticks are very similar in characteristics and price, though the quality of Armani product is way better.

The only disadvantage about it is the price tag which is enormous, I deem.

But aside it all, if you can afford this Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Second Skin Intense Matte Color, then I definitely recommend you to do it as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your attention and see you in the next reviews.

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