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Written on Thursday, November 9, 2017

I got acquainted with face powders from Givenchy 7 years ago, when I accidentally bought their bronzer Le Prisme Sun № 14 Sun Cinnamon 1527.

It was a hot summer back then, and I wanted to give my face a delicate tanned look. That palette was perfect for that, plus I loved its elegant square design.

For comparison, I’ll show you what it looked like.

I used it for three years, and couldn’t be happier with it. But all good things must come to an end, and that powder was no exception. There was nothing left from it but a handy brush I kept and used to apply blush.

I’ve been looking for a similar palette for a very long time, but couldn’t find anything. I bought other products, but never liked them, until three years ago I discovered Le Prisme Visage Mat, which reminded me of my first love.

Price: $57

Yes, that’s not the cheapest option available on the market, but I’ve been using it for three years now and look how much is still left!


It’s spent quite economically, and I think as a high end product it’s worth its price.

Its design is simply on the highest level and lives up to the name of Givenchy: laconic, square, black, and with a traditional brand logo.

In the powder box you can find a convenient mirror and 4 shades of face powder .

What it is:A compact face powder that contains a four-shade blend.What it does:This powder contains four shades that combine to form a unique blend that presents subtle and attractive harmonies for maximum radiance. Atomized particles create a fabulously soft and homogeneous powder that provides flawless radiance and a matte finish.What else you need to know:The high-tech sophisticated packaging has a "Clap & Side" magnetic opening device.

Each palette in this line contains 4 shades which are combinable and create a perfect solution for the final step of makeup.

It's the best face powder one can imagine: you can either use one of the shades or mix them and get new options!

The only thing you can be sure of is that any color mix will look great on your skin. You have to remember, though, that some colors are more appropriate for specific seasons. For example, after holiday at the seaside I use the darkest shade. However, in winter, when I’m pale, I choose lighter colors. So we have 4 shades in one box, which can be used all year round.

Well, let me list the main advantages of this face powder palette:

1) It gives my skin a fresh healthy glow.

2) It provides a natural coverage, without cakiness.

3) Easy application with a tiny brush, which is stored in a little compartment under the powder box.

4) The powder is pretty durable. However, it can be easily removed with micellar water.5) In my case, this powder can replace blush. It gives such an awesome look that I don’t need to buy any blush.

6) Now to the most unexpected part. Once, I ran out of my eyebrow powder. My hubby looked at me and suggested that I use the darkest shade of this palette instead. Why not? he said.

I laughed at him, because I felt odd about using this powder for eyebrows. But I ended up doing it, just for fun.

My face was pale, and the eyebrows I created with this powder were as good as those I painted with special brow powder.

For comparison, I’ve applied a special brow powder to the left eyebrow, and this product to the right one:

As it turned out, this powder is great in any situation!

It’s my fave, and I totally recommend it

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Natalie recommends Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Mat Soft Compact Face Powder

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