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Written on Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Pros: beautiful box, gentle color of the meteorites, unbelievably beautiful powder

It so happened that meteorites are one of my favorite beauty products. I couldn’t pass by this cute box, because it was specially released for the birthday of the brand.

This cute white-pink box is dope! It’s a real incarnation of tenderness, aeriality and gentle violet smell in the embodiment of the colorful balls here.

This time there are 4 colors of the meteorites. They are all different in sizes. You can see that there are small, as well as pretty big balls.

Lately, the Guerlain brand started to produce their meteorites much softer texture-wise. They give out the powder more willingly, though they can even break down if you use a stiff-bristled brush. This comes only to the smallest size balls. It’s such a pleasure to touch them with my brush. I don’t have to shake the box or scratch the products with the brush anymore to get the color kickback from them.

The gentle colors of the meteorites here really make me mesmerized. The yellow and small balls have got shimmer bits to them.

Mixed all together they show a stunning result on my skin. They make my skin look lit from within, they deprive me from signs of fatigue and in general make my complexion look fresh.

The shimmer can be detected only if you look very close at me, though it still isn’t critical at all. This powder is a perfection to my liking.

By the way, for several seasons in a row they have been persuading us that sleek and healthy-looking skin is a Holy Grail now. So, the meteorites can really bring you that effect!

If you use these meteorites as a finishing powder over your makeup, then it’ll make your cosmetics stay on better, making your skin free of oily sheen for a long time. The product stays on my skin almost the whole day!

Here I tried to swatch each ball on my skin. Naturally I don’t use this or that color solo, but in general, it’s possible to imagine what result you’ll get if you do.

The new meteorites made me fall for them. I like the way they look and the results after use make me obsessed with the product. In general I can say that the Guerlain meteorites always inspire me and make me feel romantic. They are just a pill of happiness for me and a flash of light in our cruel world of ultra matte powders which slowly but truly make our skin look less beautiful. Come on, we can shine now!

In the end I want to say that the meteorites by Guerlain are great in all the collections. I think they are my must-haves and I deem they should be a firm fixture of any girl's makeup bag!

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