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Written on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

This palette is either fall-spring or summer-fall, everything is great about it. It’ll flatter boiling sunny weather, as well as when the leaves are falling down or when the grass is green and fresh.

I bought it in the middle of summer for $20.00.



Product description:

The palette was packed in the same designed cardboard cover with some product info and a batch code on the back of it.

Inside, it houses huge refills with eyeshadows.

As you can see it from the first picture, I’m a collector of the Juva’s palettes because their refills are really big. They’ll go a long way, even though I do have dents already in the Magic palette. Yet, they’re still awesome for me!As for this palette, it’s got 5 matte and 4 shimmering eyeshadows in here.

I applied the swatches with my finger in one go without priming my skin beforehand.

2-3 strokes with a brush, no primer:


The swatches reveal an outsider of the palette. This is that very first matte yellow-green-lime shade.


Maasai is the most screwing shade in the palette. But it’s also the first favorite matte of mine as well. It’s chalky and very difficult to get the color from. It's an off-white base and it requires a special brush for application and a super-primer for a more or less bearable color payoff on my skin. If you want to get a creative cut-crease insta makeup, go for a concealer first. As for daily makeup, this one isn’t bad and one of my faves from the palette.

Oromo is a muted orange shade with an ochre blend in. Here the formula reveals that very Juvia’s silky firmness that ensures no dusting or fall out, yet easy blending and color payoff.

Tutsi is a verde matte lime green shade. This is the color of grass. Characteristics-wise, it’s even silkier than the orange hue. The color payoff isn’t bad, however, I can still notice some hint of chalkiness about it. Not so bad to criticize it.

Koro is the first duochrome shimmer in the palette. It’s lime-pearlescent in the palette whereas the swatch shows more light green undertone. It’s dry and a little bit uncommon for the classy Juvia’s shimmer formula. But it still performs great when I apply it and doesn’t call for a sticky primer or anything.

Chaga finally that very common for Juvia’s butter texture of the formula! It also seems to be duochrome because it shifts from old gold to yellow-green-ish finish. It’s better than the previous shade to use but I still have to go for a fingertip application. Awesome finish!

Kuba one more kind of duochrome shade that either seems dark-green or Red Sea shade with an emerald undertone.

It’s as soft as the previous shade and I also apply it with my finger.

Ashanti is my second favorite matte from the palette. The shade of fogged off cinnamon. It feels like Tutsi to the touch but it’s still easier to blend and it matches my makeup better. One of the best shades from the palette! I adore it!

Kurla is one more butter metallic shade but with a more obvious shine. Orange-gold with a golden shift. It’s also easy to work with like other shades and I also apply it with my fingers. No special primer is needed.

San is the least favorite of mine because I’m not skillful enough to work with such colors. However, it’s noteworthy it doesn’t leave any patches behind and is rather nice to blend out. It’s a great match with Kuba. Deeply-toned dark blue-green shade.


1. My favorite and most frequently worn makeup with Maasai, Ashanti, Koro:

2. Darker finish with the help of San:

3. Here I tried to put on some smokey with the complicated San shade. I love how well it accentuates my eye color. It feels like it takes out that green undertone and flatters warm seasons. Smile

4. This is when I tried to combine all the shades from the palette as much as it was possible.

5. One more makeup with “everything and at once”:

6. Gold makeup:

7. Dark green makeup. The Koro’s shift is interesting. It may seem orange red-toned or dark green to light green. ^_^

The bottom line:

This is that case when I say that I love this palette with its colors, quality, and blend. Highly recommend it.

The color selection allows to combine several shades and come up with thousands of makeup ideas - light or dark green, as well as copper and orange-toned too. Here you will find highlighting as well as darkening, transition and dourchome accenting colors. ^___^

The products blend out like a dream and stay put over a primer the whole day. I can’t wear them without a primer since my eyes are oily. The shimmers don’t fade away or require a special tacky primer. The formula doesn’t irritate my reactive eyes, even though I used to have some palettes which did.

This formula allows me to forget about white bases and packing because the pigmentation is always top-notch. No oxidizing, falling down or messy finish. Besides, these babes never stain my skin after removing.

There were times when Juvia’s Place started to release boring and common Warrior palette which they followed with an even more boring Warrior II and weird Afrique afterward. That was the moment when I started to think they would never rock our socks off with their flamboyant palettes anymore. But I was wrong. They quickly treated us with a stunning Magic and Douce. After that, they came up with colorful and balanced Festival, awesome Sahara II and Zuluo which I’m still dreaming about.

Juvia’s Place has managed to come up with this beauty called Tribe and I love it as much as other palettes from the brand.

Now I’m living for the fall palette called Nomad which will come as no surprise to me if I get my hands onto it only the next fall by this or that twist of fate. But I’ll keep on waiting for it. No matter what! <3

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Dutchess_Pradd recommends Juvia's Place The Tribe Eyeshadow Palette

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