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Written on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hey there!

I’m obsessed with eyeshadows, especially with eyeshadow palettes! If I fall for this or that palette, I can’t help but buy it.

In fact, I’ve already tested tons of palettes, but today I’d like to show you THE MOST PIGMENTED one I’ve ever tried.

The Juvia's Place The Saharan 2:

I heard quite a lot about the brand and their products. They are mostly popular for their insane pigmentation.

The brand was launched by a Nigeria-born woman. She wanted to created eyeshadows that would be helpful for women with darker skin.

So, we can see a Nigeria woman on the package that epitomizes the concept of the brand.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t have any opportunity to test this eyeshadow in real life. I ordered the palette from the official website because of a single shade only…

I loved Chefchaouen right away. It’s minty-blue in the pictures.

So, I purchased it. Nevertheless I knew that I would definitely find the rest of the shades useful too Smile

The palette has enormous pans that will probably last me forever Smile

The weight of a single refill is 4,15g whereas ABH Modern Renaissance weighs 0.7g, for instance.


Shades …

The palette consists of 9 shades, 6 of which are shimmer and 3 are matte.

Each shimmer shade is no way straightforward and flat. They all are complicated and look like diamonds.

I find their texture unique. The shimmer shades are so soft and silky smooth. They feel like a soft cream, although the formula is dry and pressed. To top it off, they are so highly-pigmented! You just touch it with your finger slightly and you get it! I’ve never seen anything like this before…

As for the matte colors, they are also highly-pigmented, but not that soft to the touch. They feel thicker and a little bit rougher.

The shades blend out just perfectly! No stains or messes are possible. They blend out in tracks.

You won’t need to ‘rub’ your eyelids with a brush for half an hour to get any smooth results.

Swatches …

1. Marrakesh:

This shade seems to be a dull and typical orange in a pan, but it’s an amazing DUOCHROME in reality. It overflows from orange to coral-red and even yellow. It gives a foil effect applying with a damp brush and looks so beautiful in real life. So sad that my camera cannot show you this beauty to the fullest extent.

2. Aziza:

This is duochrome that looks pearly at first. When swatching it, I noticed that it had a hint of yellow…

3. Hadiya:

This is an awesome and intense bronze shade! It doesn’t have any visible particles, but it overflows delicately.

4. Berber:

This is hands down the most beautiful blue shade I’ve ever seen. It’s not dark and looks like sea water.

When I first touched it, I was speechless and fascinated.

5. Nomad:

I have a similar shade from Makeup Revolution, but it’s not that rich-pigmented and so subtle as this one. The color is stunning! It’s red that goes into bronze a little.

This is a duochrome that has some hints of pink and just a tad of purple.

6. Chefchaouen:

This is the shade to die for!

It’s minty-blue that has a white, some green and even some yellow undertones. It looks fabulous in the corner of my eye!

7. Fez:

It’s a matte brown that is perfect for darkening the outer corner of my eye and for the lower eyelid.

However, it’s nothing special. These matte colors are also present in the Lime Crime Venus Palette that I have as well.

8. Zohra:

This shade is beautiful and looks like a deep raspberry-red that is nothing unique for me actually. Lime Crime Venus has a similar shade that is called Muse.

9. Taza:

The last shade from this palette that is not exceptional for me again. You can find the same shade called Creation in the Lime Crime Venus Palette. It’s brick-red-orange that is good for my crease and my lower eyelid in bright makeups.

Swatches of all shades …

I finger swatched these shades by touching them only slightly. Also, no eyeshadow base is used here. The payoff is incredible.


Makeup №1:


  • I applied Taza to my crease slightly, plus I used it on the outer corner of my eye and a little bit on my lower eyelid.

  • Then Aziza all over my eyelid.

  • Chefchaouen to the inner corner of my eye.

Full face:

Makeup №2:


  • I applied Taza to my crease slightly, plus I used it on the outer corner of my eye and a little bit on my lower eyelid.

  • Then Marrakesh to the whole eyelid.

  • Aziza to the inner corner of my eye.

Full face:

Makeup №3:


  • Taza to my crease and the outer corner of my eye.

  • Then I additionally used Fez for darkening the outer corner and my crease.

  • Then I used the Cut Crease technique: defined my crease sharply using a concealer and filled in the entire lid with it.

  • Hadiya to center of my movable eyelid without touching the inner corner of my eye.

  • After that I applied Chefchaouen beginning from the corner to the center of the eye.

  • Applied Aziza to the very corner of my eye.

  • At last, I used Fez to define my lower eyelid.

Full face:

Makeup №4:


  • I defined my crease, the outer corner and the lower eyelid with Zohra.

  • Then I used Nomad for the center of my eyelid without touching the outer corner of my eye.

  • Finally, I used Aziza for the outer corner of my eye.

Full face:

Makeup №5:


  • Taza to my crease and the outer corner of my eye.

  • Zohra for the outer corner and a little bit for my crease.

  • Additionally I darkened the outer corner with Fez.

  • Cut Crease technique.

  • Then I applied Marrakesh beginning from to the inner corner to the center of my movable eyelid.

  • Then Nomad to the center of my eyelid.

  • Aziza to the inner corner of my eye.

  • Berber to the whole lower eyelid.

  • And Chefchaouen to the inner corner of my eye.

Full face:

Makeup №6:


  • I drew quite a thick black line with my favorite eyeliner.

  • Then I filled in the black line with a thin brush and the shade Berber.

Full face:

Overall thoughts …

This palette is a stunner! The quality is awesome. It’s such a rare case when the eyeshadow is perfect in all respects and has absolutely no drawbacks!

  • The pigmentation is on top!

  • The eyeshadow doesn’t leave any fallout behind

  • Easy to blend out

  • Applies both with my fingers and with a brush perfectly

  • Applies evenly and softly

  • All shades pair so well with one another.

I would recommend this palette if you are not afraid of the bright hues.

A gentle daily makeup is also possible here, but the number of such looks is limited. It’s especially perfect for event/commercial makeup! Moreover, the palette is so enjoyable to use!

It’s cruelty-free and made in China.

A cruelty-free policy is very important to me and I’m really glad some brands choose this option.

Thank you everyone for reading!

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Sv Ser recommends Juvia’s Place The Saharan II Eyeshadow Palette

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